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Published: Friday 07 April, 2017

Big screen style trends we love But now we're on to Sex and portland 2, God knows how it can pan out. Part one was a shameless milking of a cash cow that was running hazardously low on lactose. Unless they've recruited a completely writing team, The sequel could end up making Jaws 4 looks like Beckett. Sex and the City franchise's $262m(196m) For the first film and counting even if its chief redeeming feature is the factthat the four protagonists aren't a CGIgenerated, Machineguntoting subspecies of teen mutants, But four women coming up to middle age. But this plus is nullified by the almighty weight of requirement or rather the bludgeoning tactics of the Hollywood hype machine that insists on Nike Mercurial Vapor XI CR7 Vitórias FG Mens Soccer Cleats Silver Orange Black behaving as if every member of the a woman is now in the grip of a frenzy of anticipation at the prospect of watching SJP Co gyrate across the screen in their designer outfits. It's not even as if they are nice designer outfits.

Apart from the inimitably chic Parker, Who could and has Nike Mercurial Vapor XI made boob tubes look complicated, The other three costars seem like a bunch of drag queens on a day trip to Bundoran. SATC hair dresser Patricia industry, We hereby accuse you of grave style crimes and here we nominate 10 films greatly more worthy of fashion veneration. How come films set in the 1930s in most cases look better than films made in the 1930s? Removal as Captain christopher Hampton's adaptation of Ian McEwan's work of fiction is, Keira Knightley's shirts steal the show. The costume designer Jacqueline Durran grasped the and ran with it languid, Formal, Muted yet gorgeous. We're close to tears just fascinated by that green satin evening dress that almost distracted us from a crucial plot point. PS: No one could consider looking as good as Knightly did in that bathing cap.

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