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Published: Friday 06 April, 2018

Buddhists annoyed at Buddha's images on shoes Houston, August 2: The Tibetan and the Buddhist community are outraged at a Californiabased company for promoting alternative shoes with the Adidas ACE 17.3 Primemesh Lord Buddha's images. Tibetans and Bhutanese Buddhists showed to the company, Icon footwear types, To specific their disgust. They have flooded send out Facebook page with protest notes. There were no immediate reaction from Icon Shoes. "Then again, It is a basic Buddhist way of life to treat images of Buddhist deities with reverence. Having the photographs on shoes is disrespect to the Buddhists, Wrote Bhuchung Tsering form overseas Campaign for Tibet. The us member of the Tibetan Parliament, Tashi Namgyal, Wrote a demonstration letter to Icon Shoe.

"I ran across shoes with the image of Lord Buddha on it, Manufactured by your business interest. I was totally perturbed and dismayed at being so insensitive, Composed Namgyal. That is why, I would like to strongly urge your company to recall every merchandise sold with Buddha's image and stop not only selling such merchandises but output of such products. First of all, I want you to tender unqualified apology posted on your sales page, Tashi required. Based from Palm Desert, The state of southern washington dc, ICON premiered in 1999 by a Hollywood filmmaker and art collector. "Icon is for the art lover and the woman who loves shoes and clutches. We support artists by paying royalty for the benefits of using their art, Firm says on its Facebook page. "I really think you should stop formation the shoes adidas ACE 17.3 AG - Energy Aqua/White/Legend Ink with Buddha's imprint. It seemingly against Buddhist sentiment, Wrote one Tshewant Gyeltshen on the business's Facebook page. "Now i'm Buddhist. Your idea of putting Lord Buddha's image on shoes or boots are unethical, Exclaimed one Yoezer Gempo. "Why do they need to put Lord Buddha's image on shoes? Among Buddhist, We have no idea let our shadow fall on His image. It cannot be ignorance simply because they had the guts to run a company and even call the pattern 'Thangka of the Buddha', Composed an angry Passang Tshering on his blog,

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