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Published: Monday 27 November, 2017

Havana club isn't busy every night. There were promoters in the lobby every night letting everyone know where the party was that night and even called a cab for you there, or went with you. The one night we ended up in a club located in a cave one night, it was a lot of fun, super packed, and well worth the 10 pesos to get in. there are more bars around the area if you would like more info go to the front lobby desk and ask. There are bars located in every building so you don't always have to walk 5 minutes to get a drink. Some are closed though based on the season. the entertainment me and my boyfriend didn't really go to, we watched about 5 minutes of one show where they had couples from the audience blindfolded and playing games, it seemed like everyone was enjoying themselves and they have a different show every night, there's also a bar located at the stage where they perform but its only open during the show. There is so much to do! And the more money you bring, the more you can do, the more you will love your trip to Cuba. So I recommend them all! Me and my boyfriend did the jeep safari; it is a full day with a lot of driving, a lot of bumpy, long roads and country sides. You pass houses and go through towns and it's like nothing you've seen before. You go from driving, to driving a boat down a very low valley to a ranch where you have lunch and you can horseback ride, and hold an alligator there are chickens running around and goats. (Don't pet the dogs there I went to and it had a lot of fleas) The food there is good and for 8 pesos extra you get a lobster tail, one drink is included and the rest is a small charge. We then went snorkeling in the coral reef. This was the most AMAZING thing we did there. The fish were awesome and for 10pesos you can get a picture taken with them. Do not use the bathroom here, (There is a small bar at the reef) wear your bathing suit there, it is very gross and you can tell hasn't been cleaned in forever, and there's no door or toilet paper. Then they take you to a cave where you can choose to or not to swim in a fresh spring water cave. It is chilly but do not pass up this opportunity, it is so clear and clean and refreshing and climbing and jumping off cave rocks is the best feeling. Bring lots of children's toys and coloring books and hygienic supplies and candy, going through cities children will literally wait at the side of the road or run beside your jeep to catch or grab things from you, this was also an amazing experience being able to make a lot of kids smile. This was about 75 80 pesos and was a full day excursion, I recommend it 100%. It also includes a dolphin show. This is only a 30 minute drive to it (only because you have to stop at other hotels to pick other people up) but is worth it. The catamaran is the only thing we didn't do because we didn't have enough money left, but we heard from a lot of people that it was amazing. Last and most important bring a roll of toilet paper and sanitizer wipes with you on every excursion you go on. My boyfriend and I drove for hours to different cities around and it was awesome. take pictures of the scooters before you ride them, preferably in front of the guy who rents them to you so you don't get accused of scratching or damaging them. I recommend you to get to know them well, the bartenders are fun to talk to and if they like you they double up on the booze! When me and my boyfriend arrived in Cuba we were there late, around 11 or so at night, and decided to just take a walk around the city. It's so safe there and you learn a lot from just walking around. The houses there have no windows and some barely have a door, but you can see the families inside playing music and dancing, they are very lively people and always happy. The locals are also allowed to enter the clubs around the hotels. There are some homeless people too, there was a guy who was asking people for clothes and everyone ignored and avoided him, the last day we were there my boyfriend gave the guy a brand new pair of Nike shoes for free and he was so happy and thankful. They don't mean to be scary or annoying they are just trying to get money for food and help for their families. Adidas Copa 17.1 FG There's a school down the street from the resort and the kids always got out around 5 pm, some people waited and handed out markers and coloring books and hygienic supplies to the kids when they got out. And you can also tip the staff in the hotels by giving them things like that. I went to the dollar store before we left for Cuba and got tons of things like razors, pads, tampons, lots of panty hose and makeup, candy, stickers, markers, pens, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, perfume, and more.

We left a few things everyday for the maids and tipped the waitresses and lobby staff with earrings an stuff (from the dollar store). They really appreciate it because a lot of the things you are giving them aren't available in Cuba or are very expensive. Also like I said above, bring lots of stuff on the jeep safari if you go, kids run along your jeep or you stop and get out and can give them toys and stuff. The most amazing feeling and the kids are so cute and are so happy after! Don't forget to tip the people who landscape, they are usually forgotten and one of the guys was cutting down coconuts and sticking straws in them, handing them out to us and other people, so they deserve them as much as anyone else. The best thing about packing a lot of dollar store stuff, once it's all gone and handed out, you have room for souvenirs! RECCOMMENDATIONS I may be reviewing some things, but I just want to put this as a reminder in case I forgot anything, the more you know the better. request building 1000, pool bar view. visit "La piazza" for lunch, and dinner. visit snack bar for breakfast, orange juice is a must try visit Havana club on a Saturday night rent a moped and drive for hours visit the city market ham sandwiches at the beach snack bar! swim in the ocean! Don't be afraid! snorkeling at the coral reef is a must, either through the jeep safari, or alone. bring toilet paper and wet wipes on all excursions bring a waterproof camera bring dollar store products to tip staff and to give to locals (if you are the generous type) buy a bottle of rum from the resort store to bring home save 25 pesos for the airport tax the airport when your waiting to go home has restaurants and stores, save money for it to buy last minute stuff and food/drinks. bring immodium for the food, and advil for the booze.Last but not least, make the most out of it! be positive, and you will have a positive experience. The Palma Real resort is the most amazing resort I've been to, and I am returning soon, it's booked! And I will be returning many times after that. So this is my review, for you. To get the most help you can. adidas Copa 17.1 FG - Core Black/Gold If you have any questions, feel free to ask I'll answer as soon as possible.

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