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Published: Friday 10 November, 2017

Baltimore choked without doubt. The Pats didn win the hand. The Ravens dropped it. But if you attending call Baltimore a fraud based on one game, It shows that you don acknowledge football and you aren earning your paycheck as a sports journalist. The Ravens play the bank notes at home next week. Then have a bye and come back for the better half of their season with 5 home games left on their schedule. So I there's more I trying to say is that I like our chances. But enjoy finishing runnerup in your division to the Jets are essentially a bunch of exRavens these days. Isnt it fun to predict who will most likely be in the Superbowl just after week? Last time I checked there are 10 more weeks in this NFL season and for you to say that one team is out Adidas Nemeziz 17.1 AG of the image is ridiculous. I laugh at the point you try to make praoclaiming that when the Ravens play a good team they will crumble. In our first 6 games 4 of them were on the path and of those 4, Three of them are argueably some of the hardest teams to play in their home. Identifying the Jets, Pittsburgh steelers, Along with Pats. Taking 2 out of three against three of the most effective teams in football so far this year is not bad and I certainly would not call it crumbling. You can take that to the. Wl, It fellow Ravens fans, Monthly charge Burt(Which usually?) Is crossing the Ravens off the SB challenger list. We were duped into thinking they were a good team and then we find out, Website bad 10 minutes of football, In Ray Lewis, Haloti Ngata, Flacco, Boldin, Almond, Builder, Oher, Suggs, Impotence Ree. d, Ozzie Newsome,

Jesse Harbaugh, And company are I hope Harbaugh takes Bill Burt coaching advice as to what should and actually done in regards to situational coaching. Maybe Bill Burt will be so kind as to give Harbaugh some expert consultancy on how to scheme for this week opponent, The bank notes. Hey charges, Were you saying the same principal after last year regular season Pats win, What actually transpired? Ok last one, They arrived and stuck it to the Pats. Past repeats itself, So enjoy the win now and say what you are looking, But you are aware, Deep-down, That if the Pats are sufficiently fortunate to adidas Nemeziz 17.1 AG - Legend Ink/Solar Yellow/Energy Blue get make it far enough to see the Ravens again, It won thing where they play; The Ravens have proven that. World of warcraft, I it seems touched a nerve, Which is a good thing in e-commerce. Any kind of, I will sum up my feelings this way The Ravens may make the playoffs, But they shall be oneanddone. Yet they can be Super Bowl timber. To bring into play it a step further, They do not beat out the Steelers(Particularly with Roethlisberger back) For the division lead and they're going to be pushed by the mediocre Bengals. The Ravens don ensure it is. Presume they are great( Apparently with their so do some of you fans). They don have the coaching or the knowledge winning a championship. You agree that you are fully with regard to the content that you post, And do not forget that the Eagle Tribune Publishing Company is not responsible for any content posted by third parties. You understand and agree that the Weblogs specified for only for noncommercial purposes and are for text only. You acknowledge and agree that you use and/or rely on info obtained through the discussion forums at your own risk. No guarantees are made, Whether express or suggested.

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