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Published: Friday 29 September, 2017

Brittany Norwood Indicted In Bethesda Lululemon killing That Killed Jayna Murray BETHESDA, Maryland. (WUSA) Saturday, Brittany Norwood was indicted using one count of murder in the death of Jayna Murray at the Lululemon Athletica store in Bethesda, Recorded John J. McCarthy, State's law firm for Montgomery County. Due to the indictment the court date already scheduled for May 13 will not take place. The case will be moved to Circuit Court and that court will Nike Mens Soccer Cleats set future court dates another time. Norwood and Murray were co-workers at the yoga clothing store in Bethesda. In a prosecutor, Murray had located some clothing from the store inside Norwood's bag. Following that, Murray known as the manager minutes after she closed up. Units later, Norwood called to say she had left her wallet in the video store and asked Murray to meet her to let her back in. Researchers say once inside the store, Norwood beat Murray in the head routinely, Crushing her skull and tying something around her neck that severed her back. Norwood allegedly moved Murray's car and sat in it for an hour and a half before finding comfort the store, Ripping Murray's pants so that it will look like she'd been sexually assaulted. Norwood allegedly sliced " light " cuts in her own body and tied herself with zip ties. Police say she pulled them closed with her teeth to make it look like other people had committed the murder. An employee opening up the store the next morning found Norwood and Murray at the rear of the store. Murray was pronounced dead at the scene and Norwood was taken to a healthcare facility.

Norwood told police that two masked men had infected them, But police say a sexual assault exam did not support her story of being sexually bombarded. An autopsy on Murray on March 13 at work of the Chief Medical Examiner determined the cause of death was a homicide. Witness interviews further called Norwood's arguments to police into question. Using the charging document, "Employees at an adjacent business say they heard two women screaming on Nike HypervenomX Proximo II hours. No male noises were heard, Last, Montgomery County Police determined there have been two sets of footprints at the scene. One set was determined to be Norwood's while the other set belonged to a shoe size 14 that was used at the store for pants alterations can be. Police found the shoes at the shop and"The shoes did actually have been washed; Regardless, Still had plain blood spatter, In the information, Police say shoe prints showed Norwood's shoe prints and the others tracked through store and up to a chair, And after which"Proof of clean up, Murray's car was also found about 3 blocks from the store in a public parking lot. Her car and areas inside tested very good for blood on March 15. Next week, Norwood was asked if she was ever within the among Murray's car, And she told police she had only seen the vehicle in passing. Over range of days, Norwood gave different accounts of events in interviews that did not match with physical evidence at the scene.

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