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Published: Tuesday 14 March, 2017

12 tips to reduce your wait time through airport security With the controversy surrounding the TSA body scanners, there is plenty of frustration with airport security. With the holidays coming soon, long lines will only add more stress to the situation. With the recent changes for the airlines, passengers are annoyed with air travel. While it's not at the top of the list, long airport security rules and lines can add to the frustrations. While dealing with security lines are an inevitable test of patience for some, the TSA regulations are set up to protect passengers. To help reduce your wait time, here are some airport security tips to help you get through it as quickly as possible. Have your ticket and ID ready Before you can enter the airport security line, you must present your ticket and acceptable form of ID (passport, driver's license, military ID, government issued ID see more form here) Know the 3 1 1 Some rules haven't changed so if you you know what this means, you are a frequent flier or someone who has traveled in the last few years. 3 ounces of liquids (actually 3.4 oz or 100 mL) in a 1 quart sized, clear, ziplock plastic bag for 1 person. Any liquids that you want to carry must be that size and fit in this bag. Place them in the bins to be X rayed in this format and you will get through security faster. This means that all other liquids, including drinks, brought in outside the security checkpoint will need to be discarded. The TSA suggests you bring as much as needed. Remember it's better to bring too much than not enough as delays, canceled flights, or other disruptions can leave you a wishing you had brought more. Keep these items out and declare them at the security checkpoint as well. Lithium batteries Effective January 1, 2008 lithium batteries were required to be carried in carry on bags and not checked luggage. Lithium batteries are common in cameras, cell phones, and some laptops. If the batteries are already in these items and secured, they can be can be carried on as is. Spare batteries can be carried in your carry ons with some limitations. Get more information on lithium batteries. Cell phones, laptops, oversized electronics These must be taken out and put through the X ray scanner at the security check point. For laptops, take them out of any laptop bags to be examined. Label your laptop with contact information in case it gets lost. Nike Mercurial Superfly V CR7 AG Seaweed Volt Hasta White Other items that will need to be examined include DVD players, video game consoles, video cameras. Do not wrap gifts While Christmas gifts are essential for many people traveling during the holidays, wait until you get to your destination to wrap them. Wrapped gifts in carry on or checked luggage may need to be unwrapped. This may cause your wait time (and that of others) in the security line to be even longer. "It's gotta be the shoes!" This once catchy phrase for Michael Jordan's Nike shoes was humorously declared to be the reason behind his amazing ability and dunks. However, your shoes through an airport security line will not get you anywhere. Take them off and place them in the bins before you get to the X ray machine. If you do, one thing you will have in common with Michael Jordan you will be much quicker for it. Prohibited items There are a number of prohibited items that you are not allowed to carry on. Firearms, knives, and firecrackers are obvious. However, check this list before you go to decrease the amount of time you spend in line having your stuff inspected, confiscated, or thrown away. Family lanes Many airports have installed family lanes for people traveling with kids. This works for families and other passengers. Allowing families and kids to be scanned at a slower pace can help ease the frustrations and stress of all passengers. These are very popular during holiday travel so if you want to know which airports have them, check this list. Even expert travelers may qualify for these lanes. For California, Sacramento, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Burbank, Los Angeles, Orange County, Ontario, and San Diego have these available.

Body scans and metal detectors While many passengers are familiar with the metal detectors, many airports are now using Advanced Imaging Technology (full body scanners) to do scans on passengers. If you are uncomfortable with these, you can ask to be inspected using other, less intrusive methods. For those curious about the technology, here is a list of Nike Mercurial Superfly V CR7 AG airports using it, those that will be using it, and some FAQs on the use of this technology here. Check the wait times While this application is not currently available, the TSA has set up a site to help track the wait times at airports. Check it out here (hopefully, it will be working for holiday travel). Know when to fly While flying at certain times has advantages for security wait times, it can be a setback if you get bumped (try these travel tips to avoid getting bumped) or your flight is delayed. If you need some tips on when to fly, check out these holiday travel tips. TSA regulations may mean long airport security lines. However, it's a part of air travel. While the long lines and hassles may be frustrating, it helps to remember that they are put in place to protect us. Hopefully, these airport security tips will help make this process quick and will minimize your frustrations with your holiday travel plans. Do you have more tips on how to deal with airport security lines and long waits at the airport? Share your airport travel tips below.

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