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Published: Friday 03 March, 2017

Gold Coast bikini girls at the buffer Local Gold Coast News THE Gold Coast Turf Club will lock bikiniclad women in barrier stalls and run them down the right away, To reflect a horse race, Included in a new novelty event. The aussie first publicity masterstroke, Which some believe will administer the city to a tacky low, Will become an annual event at Nike Magista Obra II AG Pro Black White Paramount Blue the first race meeting of the summertime. The event is the creation of eccentric chairman Andrew Eggleston, And has been copied from America famed showmanship Park racecourse which holds a similar event with success annually. Turf Club leader Grant Sheather acknowledged some may see the event as degrading, But declared it would become an annual race to spice up and promote the the summer months of racing. Will be great deal that raise their eyebrows, That isn't surprising, He explained.

People say Coast you would imagine of beach, Someone thinks of girls and you suspect of bikinis, It an advertising and marketing ploy to build racing. Will be done in good taste and we looking to attract some competitive runners, We be interested in the sports stars, The surf lifesaving actors, Very easily ideal if they took it out. Coast based Women In Racing group last night said through support anything which promotes racing, But conceded there will probably be better ways to market the industry. Subjection is good ballyhoo, But I feel using ladies jumping out of your barriers is akin to someone jumping out of a birthday cake, Said home Jennifer Bartels. Love anyone which will promote racing, But potentially this isn quite racing. Peace of mind to them though. Is dubbed Sport of Kings but similar lowgrade events have been held at racecourses around the particular. Melbourne they have events which entail running with a cup of beer and there previously Nike Magista Obra II been the running of brides in stilettos elsewhere, We are looking to do such like, Stated that Mr Sheather.

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