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Published: Wednesday 15 July, 2015

How important do you think it is to be very aware of your foot movements when your out there on the soccer field? Not being aware of your foot movements can mean you doing all sorts of crazy things with the ball that would cause your team to struggle. What does it mean to be aware of your foot movements?

1. It means that you know where your feet are going and why. This is whats going to ensure you can get the ball to where it needs to go and that you can control it well.

2.It means you being able to prevent the wrong type of movements that would hurt you on offense or put you at risk of losing your footing.

You see, being aware of what your feet are doing is all about you being able to be one with whatever cleats you have on your feet. You can’t feel as if their something separate from you. You need to feel like they fit you the right way, similar to what a pair of Newest Nike Hypervenom Phantom II FG Men Outdoor Soccer Cleats White Black. You need to know that they aren’t going to cause you any problems. You must have superior traction and feel for the ball. All of this helps you to be very conscious of what your doing and this puts you in control.

Newest Nike Hypervenom Phantom II FG Men Outdoor Soccer Cleats White Black

Not every pair of Nike Hypervenom Phantom soccer cleats out there is going to help you to have this level of awareness though when it comes to your feet. You’ll be surprised at just how much your game can suffer as a result. You don’t want this do you? Well if you don’t you need to have on a pair of Nike Hypervenom Phantom FG cleats. These can help you be much more effective out there. Lets look at a few ways this is going to be possible:

a.You’ll be able to know how much force to put behind your strikes when your taking a shot on goal or when your trying to pass the ball to someone else. You’ll be able to minimize miscalulating the force you put into strikes and passes.

Newest Nike Hypervenom Phantom II FG Men Outdoor Soccer Cleats White Black

b.You’ll be able to feel the ground under you better. This means you’ll be able to control your movements better, get better speed, fight better for the ball and do better even when the weather is bad.

c.Its going to be easier for you to feel the ball the way you need to feel it. You’ll be able to grip it better. As a result making the movements you need to make in order to position yourself right will become easier.

Are the Nike Hypervenom Phantom cleats for you?

In order for you to go from being an average soccer player to being a really good player you need to be aware when it comes to your feet. The new Nike Hypervenom Phantom cleats can help you to have this level of awareness and then some. Things such as touch on the ball, traction and flexibility will become much easier for you. You’ll be in much better control of your overall game.

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