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Published: Thursday 02 July, 2015

Cheap Nike Mercurial Superfly FG High Top Soccer Cleats Gris WhiteGoogle's ties to the national government ERIC SCHMIDT, Govt CHAIRMAN OF GOOGLE: If you have something consult your anyone to know, Maybe you shouldn't be doing it from the outset. But if you absolutely need that kind of privacy, The truth is that search engines, Specifically Google, Do retain this for a short time, And it is important, As an example, That we are all subject in north america to the Patriot Act. KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, COHOST: Oh my amazing advantages. But it is fact, There's an awful lot of info in Google that could be helpful to a campaign, Not the least of which helps target and minitargeting down to people's interests and help them in terms of promoting tools. ERIC BOLLING, COHOST: And also should they be keeping the data, Just about, E-mail messages, Gmail mail messages, Could be stored and at some later date the us government says we want those, As Eric Schmidt indicates, Through the Patriot Act, That will be overreach. But especially as many did that, We can turn them over, Who knows what make use of them find. What i'm saying is, Merely getting scarier and scarier. I stand Nike Mercurial Superfly FG by my statement in first block that they need to be stopped, The us government. DANA PERINO, COHOST: I think I think we're too gone on it, From the private companies that have all of the knowledge. So like when I go on Google if I perform a search for, Trying to choose shoes like Kimberly's, Next time I go to one of one of the best Web sites, Immediately they're automatically there, An ad for trainers like Kimberly. We're allowing corporate America is doing to us what we are accusing the us govenment of doing. GREG GUTFELD, COHOST: I am so not concerned with Google. What I'm concerned about is my wife. PERINO: Watching your Google?

GUTFELD: You have got to clear your history, The united states! GUTFELD: Fox fire i presume, Seed that called? I'm not sure what I'm saying. Do you know what, I always thought about it what Google meant, What a word meant. Now I know memory foam cover. If you're small, This you're screwed. GUILFOYLE: O. k, That is fascinating. You keep in mind that Google, All this option, The people that own it and founded it, Clearly very, Very tight with Obama and the obama administration. Rest room he was giving talking points that say listen, Avoid bad things, We have to meet the Patriot Act, Etc, Etc. He is gambling for one team. BECKEL: For sure, But let's remember on the reverse High Top Soccer Cleats side of the coin here, That Karl Rove buyers, And thus, Officially, The Walmart list of subscribers from the Rose Institute in California, People collect data as a multitude of locations they can to match people up to voting history. PERINO: Like Pandora is an illustration of this that, Properly, They are capable to listen, They can track what you're being attentive to, And next occasion you go on iTunes, You discover, Goodness me, If you are into this music, You'll in this way music, And is in fact kind of useful. GUILFOYLE: Kind of helpful sometimes. BOLLING: That's setting up a profile and marketing to the profile, The primary difference here is when it's data, Whether it is emails, When it's voice reports, That's information that's not a attitude thing to market to. It's own confidential privacy

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