News; adidas X 17.1 FG - Solar Yellow/Core Black On Sale

Published: Wednesday 20 September, 2017

Brutality meets beauty For those lucky few, this is a reality. And for Mercedes Benz, they find about 100 Australians in this realm during 2015 looking for something with sporting bent, combined with exclusivity and pure luxury. The S Class Coupe is back, gone is the CL Class nomenclature, Mercedes has returned to its long history of Adidas X 17.1 FG luxury two doors wearing the "S" badge. For now the S63 is the only one here with a sticker price of plus on roads, while the are expected to touch down mid year. The instrumentation itself is something to behold. Two 30cm colour screens, one dedicated to standard gauges (including a large speedometer and tacho, along with oil and engine temperature).

Given velocity generated by the S63 it handy to have a trio of speedos, one in an analogue gauge, another digital option within the cluster and a third in the head up display. Cabin finishes are exemplary. Fine leather trim (double stitched) covers nearly all aspects of the shapely dash. Both front pews are akin to lounge chairs. Sumptuous yet supportive at the thighs and ribs they make you look forward to a long journey. They have all your usual fore and aft electric adjustment, along with an ability to add additional support at the lumbar, shoulder, side rests, but can also give you a massage of your choice adidas X 17.1 FG - Solar Yellow/Core Black On Sale choose between a hot shoulders or back treatment, or maybe the activating, classic or mobilising options take your fancy. There is an airy and spacious feel to the cabin, mostly courtesy of the extended sunroof which is more than one square metre in size. Launching with a growl and a snigger from the exhaust, the S63 is far from outlandish unlike some of its smaller AMG stablemates like the upstart A45 hatch. When cruising it hardly breaths, slipping through the seven speed gearbox like silk.

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