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Published: Friday 07 July, 2017

Bristol City athletic field IN HIS taking over, The judge said the anonymous resident who had put his name to the legal papers for a review was no longer active in the case. Mister Alex Goodman, To be able to campaigners, Had argued the resident had not filled out the paperwork correctly it is possible to end his application. But a solicitor from a firm not active in the proceedings took a statement from the resident which satisfied the judge his withdrawal was voluntary and not as a result of any pressures on him. There was allegations of harassment, Threats of physical assault and a 50,000 bribe to induce him to pull away. Otherwise the judge said: Am don't, As may possibly said, In a position to make definitive findings that the allegations that threats and inducements were offered thought out strategies him to withdraw. The judge said it would be intolerable if a challenge did not proceed by pressure of the kind alleged he said it was not required for him to take them into account. The judge then had to decide whether or not to allow another anonymous resident a woman Nike MercurialX Proximo II to take over the case. Mister Jonathan Karas QC, Counsel to landowners, Argued a fresh claim was out of time by four months and may be dismissed. The judge said that in ordinary fates, Mr Karas could correct. But he said this was not an ordinary case and the proceedings were fundamentally the same challenge on behalf of the same group. The judge agreed an anonymity order should stick to the fresh claim. Issue of costs will be dealt with at a later hearing. A judicial review is not an appeal it will examine the legality of the council decision last June and in what way it was arrived at, Not your decision itself.

To put it differently, The review will have to evaluate if the council decision last June was lawful. The council insists that it was a lawful decision but the campaigners argue it was not partly because additional evidence furnished by the club was not tested under cross examination at a public inquiry. If the campaigners win the legal really test, Then the council will be forced to revisit its decision which might mean another public inquiry in front of another independent inspector to examine the case yet again. This is a process which could take a while. To do maths I take it?Yes there well maybe finished 30,000 who believe this stadium would be good for Bristol but again I doubt that it will be the 'majority' of Bristol. And 'believing the stadium would be good' and actually' want the stadium built' are Nike Soccer Cleats totally different things!I want both clubs to have a brand new stadium that we can are proud of but I'd also like a forward thinking, Reactionary Council that is useful for Bristol. Guess it is a good job I live in South Gloucestershire now, A council that seems to think ahead as an alternative to backwards. How did you search for this? Post(Not state or Rovers) Want this athletic field built I want Rovers athletic field built, I want Glos CCC stadium revived, I want an enclosed arena, I want better trains and buses.

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