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Published: Wednesday 17 May, 2017

Boy restoring After Pit Bull CANTON, Ohio A 9yearold Canton boy is recovering from injuries after being attacked by a pit bull and boxer for a few minutes. A neighbour heard his screams and fought Adidas Adizero 99g the dogs. Billy Harvey been through several dog bites; The worst being deep hole wounds on his upper thigh. The shirt he was wearing has dog bites finished it. Sunday afternoon, Billy was walking on a corner of Otto Place and Webster Avenue in Canton when a loose pit bull and boxer attacked him, In order to police. Billy said the dogs chased him up a grass embankment and into a vacant lot where the attack continued with Billy on your platform.

Neighbors said they heard him screaming for a few moments. adidas Adizero F50 99 Gram FG - Orange Im getting closer I hear him screaming and crying and I didnt even see the dogs at first until I got to here and I said he is getting attacked by two dogs. I have got to make a change, Next door friend Tamikka Dotson said. Dotson said she ran as well as was pulling the dogs off Billy as he flailed around in the grass, The two dogs hungry him. They remained coming at him, Even with me being right here and Im trying to stand looking at them and kick the dogs back because I didnt have any shoes on or anything, She mentioned. Dotson said she surely could get the dogs off Billy as another man, Who will probably be dogs owner, Grabbed the dogs and took them. Quite possibly you to know there are people around here who care, Dotson told Billy Monday mid-day when he and his mother went to her home to thank her. Billy gave Dotson a hug as well 'thank you card. People if you will need your animals then keep control of them. Theres kids playing around this neighborhood all day every day, Dotson told.

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