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Does Saving the Eye Compromise Survival

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July 16, 2001 Being diagnosed with cancer is scary enough. But when the treatment involves removing the cancerous tumor as it often does and that tumor is in the eye, the treatment, for some, can sound even more frightening than the diagnosis.

But thanks to the ronaldo boots kids results of a new study, some patients with primary eye cancer have an alternative that has for the first time been shown to offer a similar survival rate ronaldo boots kids to removing the eye.

“The study is looking at one of the most severe forms of cancers that can affect the visual system, called choroidal melanoma, Paul A. Sieving MD, PhD, tells WebMD. “Melanoma is a pigment cancer that [is] active in the pigmented cells in the back of the eye, called choroidal cells. The health liability for cancer is that cancers can spread and ultimately kill the person, meaning that left untreated, the person may lose more than just their eye. Sieving, who is not involved in the study, is the director of the NIH’s National Eye Institute, which helped fund the study.

“This disease is similar to malignant melanoma as most people know it, which occurs in the skin and soft tissues, Barbara S. Hawkins, PhD, tells WebMD. Hawkins, a professor of ophthalmology and the director of the Clinical Trials and Biometry division in the department of ophthalmology at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in Baltimore, is the principal investigator in the trial’s coordinating center.

“The study was comparing two treatments that have been used by ophthalmologists for taking care of patients, she says. The two treatments are: removing the eye, called enucleation, and I125 brachytherapy, which involves placing a radioactive plaque on the tumor to shrink it.

“As long as the cancer is confined to eye, the idea had always been that if you take out eye, you take out cancer. About 20 years ago people began using radiation to take care of these patients, because people don’t want to lose their eye, says Hawkins. “Some people were very much in favor of radiation, others were worried nike magista obra fg kids that the radiation would make the patient’s life shorter because you would not be taking the cancer out. Physicians wanted to make sure they weren’t sacrificing length of life just to retain nike magista obra fg kids vision,

To see which treatment offered better survival, over the course of 12 years researchers from 43 clinics around the country studied more than 1,300 ronaldo boots kids patients with mediumsized choroidal melanomas. Patients were randomly assigned to either having their cancerous eye removed, or I125 brachytherapy. Eighty percent of the patients were followed for at least five years, and about a third were followed for 10 years or longer ronaldo boots kids.

ronaldo boots kids Cumbrian child porn pervert gets

Cumbrian child porn pervert gets

Nike 2017 soccer cleats william Wyllie, 49, led a double life gathering the photos before he was arrested and admitted six child porn charges. Wyllie was given a threeyear community order, which will involve three years supervision.

He was working as a services manager with Cumbria Fire and Rescue when he was caught and has since resigned from his job.

But he is still entitled nike 2017 soccer cleats to a pension lump sum and further payouts every year nike 2017 soccer cleats from money accrued, dating back to his time as a fireman in Greenock as well as from service in Cumbria. Wyllie also pocketed in wages and was promoted when he was suspended from work during the investigation.

Fire service sources blasted Wyllie, who used an excolleague name and a combination of his fire service number and watch colour as part of his online identity.

One dubbed him a evil man and said he didn deserve the money.

TaxPayers Alliance chief executive Matthew Sinclair said: news of his payoff adds insult to injury. This kind of eyewatering golden goodbye is unjustifiable in normal circumstances. When the recipient retirement has been forced by a serious criminal conviction, it is nothing short of disgusting. County Council said the firefighter was given his promotion as part of a forcewide restructuring programme. Wyllie, who once worked as a policeman, was suspended from his job after his arrest in October 2011.

Despite originally claiming he was innocent, he changed his plea oneandahalf days into his trial.

He had shared child porn images and messages with notorious paedophile Steven King, from London, who was jailed in 2011 for four years for arranging to have sex with children as young as five.

As a result of the King inquiry, police were led to Wyllie and searched his home and car seizing his laptops and mobile phones.

Fire Brigade Union secretary John ronaldo boots kids Duffy said: individual pension is not for comment. It is a pension he is entitled to. of Rating Lane, Barrow, will nike 2017 soccer cleats be on the sex offenders register for five years and subject to a sexual offences prevention order. He was ronaldo boots kids employed as a fire service locality manager and worked across Cumbria, including a stint in Penrith.

People are entitled to a lump such sum at the expense of a reduced annual salary. It works out at something like for every ten or so pounds that someone takes in lump sum, the annual pension is reduced by 1. So its not a payout or a “golden goodbye” as this paper likes to call them, it is people sacrificing their long term finances for the short term advantage. And I would hazard that N have gotten the wording ronaldo boots kids wrong here with regards to his promotion while suspended, under a restructure every post gets looked at maternity, suspended or otherwise. I really do wish this paper would check facts before speculating nike 2017 soccer cleats.