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Discover the Fashion

Phantom soccer cleats nike mercurial vapor cheap charlei(charllee) is eighteen year old stylist, fashion blogger, and aspiring magazine editor. lives in the DMV nike mercurial vapor cheap (MD) and loves fashion. “It’s not about high end names or whats “in” for me, It’s about putting imagination into a creation. The feelings of day dreaming an outfit in your head and being able to put it together in real life, broadening someones horizons opening their eyes to new styles and making them feel good about themselves is priceless, Charlei says. currently works at Nordstrom in the Jewelry department and phantom soccer cleats loves it. Eventually is turn blog into its own fashion magazine. When people ask what is tells them, don’t have one because I don’t. I’ll put anything together,

In Bite It Clothing there are 4 members: James, Keith, Ciara and, myself, Glenn. James and I do a majority of the designing, James also does a lot of the promotion too. Keith and Ciara also design with us as well and contributed to a lot of the earlier designs when we first started out.

2. What Makes Your Clothing Different From The Rest?

We don’t have a set style really, whenever we get inspired we don’t plan it out we let it go wherever it takes us. We have 4 different views nike mercurial vapor cheap and we create the best ones and constantly make them phantom soccer cleats better.

3. When Did You Realize That Fashion Design Was Your Calling?

We realized fashion designing was something we all wanted to do when we came together last year. Action didn’t take place until the end of November 2011. James and Keith were talking about coming together at the same time Ciara and I were. Everything came together when we mentioned it to each other and decided to join up.

4. Where Do You See Your Company In The Next 5 Years?

When Bite It gets a lot more popular we eventually plan on opening a store in some major cities. We also plan on sponsoring music artists and events in the later coming years.

5. From Box Braids To Head Wraps, All Of The Styles Of Erkayah Badu And Janet JacksonAre Coming To The Fashion ForeFront. Fashion Is Bringing A Modern Twist To An Older Style. Now My Question For Society Is: Will You Ruin It Or Adapt It Into A Masterpiece? The Head Wrap, Commonly Known As The “Turban” Worn As A Tradition In The Arabic Heritage, Has Become A Form Of Fashion For Minoritie.

The Style Started To Become Popular In The Late 80’s And Died Out In The Early 2000’s. Worn By Stars Like Lauryn Hill And Erkayah Badu And India Arie In The Early 2000’s This Style Has Made An Unethical Return TO The Spotlight.

Another Trend That Has Returned Is Box Braids, Commonly Known To The Minority Community nike mercurial vapor cheap As “Poetic Justice” Braids. Made Popular In The 90’s By Janet Jackson In The Famous Motion Picture “Poetic Justice” My Question For The World Is Will These Trendy Styles Die Out Just As Micros And Other HairStyles Or Fashions. With This In Mind, What Will Next Be Unveiled By The Fashion Community, Hippie Fashions? Who Knows? Only The Fashion Gods. KSLS nike mercurial vapor cheap phantom soccer cleats.