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Celebrities And Their Preferences In Fashionable Sunglasses

Nike tiempo soccer cleats americans are fixated on celebrities. This gives them all the more reason to make sure they look nike tiempo soccer cleats good in public, and that includes sticking with the latest designs in designer sunglasses. Each celebrity has a preference to certain models and makes, so it’s easy to mimic the fashion of your favorite celebrities.

Louis Vuitton is a highpriced brand that gets attention from celebrities like Paris Hilton. Hilton has been known to wear many different styles of the Evidence model by Louis Vuitton. Hilton also has a pair of Millionaire sunglasses from the same company. Each pair, depending on the model, goes for about yellow hypervenom $700 to $1,500 in retail. Paris sure does know how to spend her money in fashion.

The biggest male celebrity of the past few decades is Hugh Hefner: no questions asked. Oddly enough, the celebrity known for his wild behavior and fun parties has the most boring pair of sunglasses money can buy. His Maui Jim Lanai set that he often wears is a dull brown with no visibly stylish features. They may be comfortable for him, and that’s great, but he is certainly not winning any awards in fashion.

Men and sports enthusiasts can agree that Nike makes a stunning pair of shades. They won’t gain interest from women or fashion moguls, but models like the Nike Siege 2 have considerable technologies behind them. Features like improving vision in nike tiempo soccer cleats the fog can actually give a player the extra edge needed to make the gamewinning catch, hit, or throw.

Famous for her TV series, Kim Kardashian is the ultimate drama queen. She, and other drama queens like her, tend to enjoy Chanel and Gucci as their main choice of sunglasses. Chanel and Gucci are both very expensive brands that put emphasis on innovation in design. Examples would be a belt buckle for temples, or a leopard print on the frame and lenses.

Political stars like Sarah Palin enjoy their sunglasses too: she has been known to wear Versace in particular. The Versace 2086 is her favorite pair, which is a business casual set of sunglasses that looks good with a long hairstyle and an average build in the face. Not to say Sarah is husky or anything, but the sunglasses typically look best when the woman wearing them has a little more meat on her bones than what is nike tiempo soccer cleats average in Hollywood.

Follow your favorite celebrities on their blog or through social networking. That way you can keep updated on the sunglasses they wear. If you want to mimic their style, but don’t have the budget, consider writing down their model names and trying to find replica sunglasses using the Internet.

Celebrity Sunglasses are hard to catalog. If you are looking for Halle Berry sunglasses, you should try following her blog or asking others on the Internet nike yellow hypervenom tiempo soccer cleats.