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Destroying the ozone layer

Nike tiempo legend for sale a fascinating paradox has surfaced regarding man, ozone and the atmosphere that adds an ironic twist to the story of technological advancement. Researchers have noted during the past two decades that nitrous oxides and hydrocarbon pollutants building up in the lower atmosphere are acted upon by sunlight nike tiempo legend for sale to produce ozone (O3). High levels of ozone, in turn, cause respiratory problems and kill plants.

Now, it seems, Freon and other fluorocarbon pollutants in the upper atmosphere may be removing ozone, which acts as a protective layer against harmful ultraviolet light. (Freon is a DuPont tradename but is used as a generic term by many scientists.) By polluting his own air, man may be creating too much ozone below, too little above and possibly deleterious effects from both conditions,

Frank S. Rowland and Mario J. Molina, physical chemists at the University of California at Irvine, have proposed a model for freon breakdown and ozone destruction. It is based on a similar reaction between nitrous oxide and ozone in the lower atmosphere. First, they propose, freons in the stratosphere absorb ultraviolet light in the 1,750 to 2,200 angstrom range, and chlorine is liberated. The liberated chlorine atom in turn attacks ozone, breaking it into oxygen. Each chlorine atom can remove thousands of ozone molecules from the stratosphere in this way, Rowland predicts.

Concentrations of fluorocarbons can be expected to reach 10 to 30 times their present levels if production continues to increase at the current nine percent per year. The result would be the destruction of 10 percent of the stratospheric ozone layer within 50 years, Rowland says. He has already calculated a one percent reduction in stratospheric ozonea reduction that could result in about 8,000 additional cases of skin cancer this year, according to National Academy of Sciences statistics on skin cancer.

In the mid1970s, a domestic craze became an environmental enemy. nike tiempo legend for sale For more than two decades, aerosols had been praised as handy household 2017 soccer boots helpers: “Merely by waving science’s newest gadget, you will be able to apply leg paint, extrude whipped cream, squirt shaving lather, waft a perfume, distribute insect killers and fill the waffle iron” (SNL: 4/7/51, p. 218).

But these “aerosol bombs” relied nike tiempo legend for sale on chlorofluorocarbons. In 1974, scientists proposed that these compounds could deplete ozone in the stratosphere. In 1985, researchers

reported an ozone hole over Antarctica,bolstering the idea. International efforts to phase out CFCs have been highly successful, and the Antarctic ozone hole now appears to be on the mend (SN: 6/4/11, p. 15).

Though leg paint is no longer a cheap fashion solution, people still use nonCFCbased aerosols widely. Today’s propellants don’t destroy ozone but do pose other problems. Hydrocarbons can contribute to groundlevel 2017 soccer boots ozone formation, a health threat. And some hydrofluorocarbons belong among another class of environmental enemies: the atmospherewarming greenhouse gases. Elizabeth Quill nike tiempo legend for sale.

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Details On What Golf Clothing To Wear

Nike tiempo legend for sale like a club, golf clothing is an addition to the important items that you should check for before playing. Moreover, golf apparel is more than just a necessity for this game. In fact, it is also the player’s banner of his fashion statement.

Even through sports, people can still showcase their enthusiasm in fashion. This has been seen and proven in so many occasions and events. Whether nike tiempo legend for sale you are into golfing, tennis, swimming, and etcetera fashion is always there to fit you.

Though golf’s history still provides confusions and arguments amongst people, golf clothing, undoubtedly has been part of its history. Unlike other sports, the known history of golf’s origin portrays that 2017 soccer boots anyone who wishes to play golf is required to wear special apparel. Something that could easily tell that the player is from a “welltodo” clan.

Obviously, the nike tiempo legend for sale clothes for golf have just strengthened the belief that this game was specifically invented for wealthy people. Golf apparel is undeniably pricey. But, with the numerous brands and manufacturers sprouting everywhere, is golf still as noble as before?

Although the general idea for golf has been attached to it all throughout its history, it is quite unjust to judge something out of its dress code. Quite frankly, clothing for golf is not so different from the others. Why? That is because; comfort and usability are and should still be the main factors of sports clothing.

Cute golf clothes do exist! Even so, their designers do follow specific cuts and patterns to create something that would be most appropriate to the game. As a result, there is golf apparel for women as well as for men. This does show that fashion is just a superfluous.

Having said that, what kind of golf clothing does one need to play this game? Here are some of them:

Collared golf shirt or polo shirt is definitely at the top of the list. Aside from comfort, it is also a breathable out fit. By allowing the sweat to quickly dry up in the air, it guarantees coolness and focus to the player.

Golf caps are definitely not worn for any fashion reason. The truth is, it is worn to provide protection, on face and neck against direct exposure to the sun. Moreover, caps can also provide better vision even during noon.

Pants are of course another important part of the set. Fabrics and materials for them should be based on the climate or weather of the course. This is because, like caps, they too are protective outfits. Denims or jeans are strictly forbidden on this game.

Golfers shoes must also be picked according to the climate. Some of them have spikes while others do not. nike tiempo legend for sale Of course they are not there to provide attraction but protection. Spikes shoes are use for wet courses to avoid accidents.

Golf apparel is sold by most of 2017 soccer boots the popular sports brands. Adidas golf clothing and Callaway golf clothes are just examples. Fortunately, discount golf clothes are now available in almost everywhere even in offline boutiques nike tiempo legend for sale.