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Nike superfly junior boots it’s not often that breaking news occurs in the fashion world but this week a scandal of nike superfly junior boots fashion week sized proportion broke the newsfeed and one of the first places we heard about it was on Twitter.

The fashion world lived up to its catty reputation when NewsLifeMedia axed Vogue Australia EditorinChief of ten years, Kirstie Clements,to bereplaced by current Harper Bazaar editor Edwina McCann.

is a total real life The nike superfly junior boots Devil Wears Prada moment Sydney Morning Herald broke the news but to be honest I first heard about the fashscandal on Twitter and I make a bet a lot of you did too.

Putting aside the fact that this is a total real lifeThe Devil Wear Prada moment of betrayal, I find it more interesting how the world of online and social media reacted to the ousting.

How heavily do journalists rely on information from social media networks for stories? Writing this post for example would have been impossible without Twitter and online news outlets, but how do mainstream journalists utilise social good soccer shoes networking?

Journalist Simon Canning recently wrote that News Limited will begin to integrate social media into the way its journalists source their stories as part of a $60 million computer system upgrade.

Limited is seeking a new publishing platform that will feed relevant tweets and other social media updates directly to journalists good soccer shoes as they draft stories, said Canning.

While News Limited is embracing social media, the BBC and Sky News have recently restricted Twitter use telling journalists not to break news on Twitter and not to reTweet other journalists or members of the public.

It wise for media outlets to be cautious of Twitter as a potentially less than reliable news source. Political journalist Phillip Coorey Tweet of the results of theRudd vGillard caucus voteback in February was picked up by all major media outlets, who then had to apologise for the mistake Obviously, relying nike superfly junior boots on Twitter as a news source for readers and for journalists should be treated with caution.

This post has a nice conversational tone but I think you have tried to cover too much ground and therefore it not as cohesive as it could be.

It goes from being about Kirstie Clements axing, to the reaction on Twitter, to pondering how journalists use Twitter, to media outlets embracing (or not) of Twitter, before eventually getting to your central point (I think) that though one must be cautious, Twitter is still a good news source. Really you could write a strong blog post on any of these issues individually.

Your question at the end is a good, and ultimately one I would have liked to know your answer to. The idea is to introduce the topic, state your opinion and then use the rest of the post to back up your view nike superfly junior boots.