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fashion dresses made from recycled materials Knoxville News Sentinel

Nike indoor soccer cleats “the final effect, I would hope, is that it would be eyecatching, interesting, playful, different just really unique, reflects Brianna Lamberson, Old City resident and manager of Reruns Boutique, a locallyowned clothing consignment shop located in the Daylight Building at 521 Union Ave.

With a description like that, you’d never guess she was talking about plastic bags, old hangers and a pile of discarded clothing rack size dividers. However, if you stroll back up Union Avenue about a block, you’ll come across a unique window display in the Arnstein building featuring three dresses whose artistry and fashionforward designs showcase their modest materials.

The dresses were designed and constructed by Lamerson, a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and 17yearold Paris Woodhull, nike phelon fg a Fulton High School junior who has worked as a sales associate at Reruns for over three years. Each garment is built entirely of materials recycled from the nike phelon fg store, resulting in a finished product that mixes a highfashion look with an unexpected twist on the concept of “used clothes,

The window stands out among a row of similar displays in the Arnstein building near the corner of Market Street and Union Avenue, nike indoor soccer cleats all provided for free use by local businesses by Dewhirst Properties, which is renovating the building. “Rather than just have nike indoor soccer cleats an empty space for the holidays on such a prime corner, they just came to us and other businesses that are local and said, ‘Would you nike indoor soccer cleats like to fill these windows?’ and we jumped at the chance, recalls Lamberson.

However, instead of simply featuring a few inventory items to entice a passersby, Woodhull and Lamberson decided to brainstorm a nike phelon fg creative twist on Rerun’s motto ‘Relove, Revamp, Restyle’ ultimately landing on the idea to construct clothes made entirely with recycled materials drawn from the store itself.

“The three mannequins featured are original to the first location of Reruns so they’re 25 years old and they’ve been with Nanci (Solomon, owner of Reruns), since the beginning, explains Lamberson. “The plastic hangers were at our old location, the Thank You bags are what we use every day, and the size dividers are something we also use; they’re just little parts of Reruns we incorporated into the whole window,

Even with such a limited palette, it still took the almost two weeks of work to assemble the dresses and prepare them for display. “I had so much fun doing it, recalls Woodhull, who has designed many of Reruns’ past window displays. “(Using repurposed materials) inspires me more. You have to have an imagination, and I think it stretches your mind a little bit more,

In addition to embodying the spirit of recycling, Lamberson and Woodhull hope their artistic display will inspire others as much as it has inspired them.

“I think window displays are so cool; it’s becoming kind of an art, adds Woodhull. “It used to be that paintings were what art was, but now you can be artful in all different kinds of ways and methods, nike indoor soccer cleats.