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Denmead Doctors Surgery

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Learn about patient choice nowThe Doctors and nurses are lovely and very helpful, providing you can get past the receptionist at the front desk. During my latest visit I witnessed a man come in dripping blood, which took between 56 different members of staff to clean up about 5 of the many drips the gentleman had left. They took nearly 15 minutes to even put out a wet floor sign to warn entering patients that there was slippery blood on the floor and all they all did was gossip about where the bood had come from, instead of giving any sympathy for the 70 year old man who had been severly injured. Furthermore, when I went to book a blood test that my Dr had sent me to arrange after my appointment the receptionist straight up informed me that I couldnt book a blood test and I had to go somewhere else. Where? I have no idea, I wasnt told and I have no idea.

All in all, the reception staff are incompetant and rude. I wouldnt even both in the furture, I’d rather be in pain than embarrassed by the nike mercurialx proximo tf receptionist again.

Visited in February 2013. Posted on 18 February 201320 February 2013I am sorry that you found the service at the practice less than satisfactory when you visited this week. There was an emergency in the waiting area which the staff were dealing with. An elderly gentleman needed urgent attention and there were nike mercurialx proximo tf also health and safety issues which were being addressed by the reception team as a result.

Situations like this don’t happen often, but being a Health Centre we do have to be prepared and put our policies into place to ensure the safety of all our patients and staff, which sometimes can affect patients waiting in the surgery, if you were delayed because of this I do apologise.

I am unable to comment with regards to your blood test request, we offer a phlebotomy service at the mercurial vi ic surgery, but there may have been a reason why in this instance we were unable to help you.

If you would like to contact the surgery to discuss this in more depth we will do our utmost to sort this problem out for you.

Generally we are praised for the service provided by our reception team, the patient involved in the medical emergency returned the same mercurial vi ic morning to thank the staff for their prompt help and assistance.

We do take comments and complaints seriously, should you wish to make a formal complaint please contact the surgery for nike mercurialx proximo tf a copy of our complaints procedure nike mercurialx proximo tf.