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premiere episode

Classic nike soccer cleats i wish I had missed the pintsized designer. In fact, I wish I had missed the entire show. It was even difficult to scan through it later on my PVR the whole thing played like a 90minute infomercial, so it was impossible to tell where the show ended and the actual commercials began.

The premiere introduced us to 11 people why not 10 or 12? who get to strut their fashion designs down a runway in front of three celebrity “mentors” as well as three actual store fashion buyers. Supermodel Elle Macpherson acted as host.

The mentors are Jessica Simpson 11 months pregnant so shown only from the chins up Nicole Richie and John Varvatos, a big deal in the menswear design game. Joan Rivers was missed.

Of the three, Richie got right to the point. “It looks like someone is grabbing her classic nike soccer cleats in her vagina, dissed Richie, not liking a pair of pants that were clearly too tight in the crotch. NBC helpfully captioned the quip. Classy.

After the socalled mentors had their say, the classic nike soccer cleats designers had to face three “buyers, people who really are looking for the latest designs to sell in their stores. The stores are Macy’s, H and Saks Fifth Avenue. CTV’s sales team probably wishes all three had stores in Canada.

Terron Schaeffer from Saks was the gruffest of the buyers. Facing him was like getting called to the principal’s office, if your principal wore clothes that fit.

There were the typical reality show aspirational moments, with plenty of talk of dreams coming true. There were also several women running around in their undies. The constantly blaring runway music also helped keep viewers awake and engaged.

Like a lot of the fashions, there was just generally too much going on. There are elements of nike mercurial victory vi tf The Apprentice and Survivor on this series but no Mark Burnett to keep the focus on the storytelling. At one point, as if the product placement wasn’t already off the charts, a Maybelline makeup artist was wedged into the proceedings.

By the end of the first episode, eight classic nike soccer cleats of the 11 contestants failed to get any offers from nike mercurial victory vi tf the buyers. The bottom three faced elimination. Pouty Oscar, the shortest of the competitors, managed to stay in the hunt when the celebrity “mentors” used their get out of jail cards to keep him in the game. This will probably only buy him another week. As the buyer from H said in the line of the night, “I can’t sell personality on a hanger,

The first person eliminated was a dude from Australia who suggested women don’t know fashion. Crikey! He threw himself on the barbee!

In a move that may be the future of network TV advertising, clothes shown on Tuesday night’s are available for purchase in stores now. How many are sold may have more to do with how long this series runs than how many people watched classic nike soccer cleats.