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How To Accessorize a Red Dress

Nike mercurial superfly cr7 price a lady in red is a sure head turner wherever she goes. Red is a very attractive and powerful color that a red dress will no doubt make you stand out in any crowd. Yet you will look more astounding with a red dress if you know how to accessorize it properly. Here are some ideas you can use in sprucing up your red dress.

Consider the occasion. Whether it is daytime casual affair or evening formal cocktail the accessories you use for a red dress should match the time and kind of event. For casual affair, turn a plain looking red dress to a dazzler by pinning a nike mercurial superfly cr7 price flower brooch on its left nike mercurial superfly cr7 price lapel. The brooch must be of contrasting color (preferably of lighter shade) to make it more visible. Silver, blue, green, yellow or gold colored brooch will create a lovely combination. Meanwhile if you are going to a more formal occasion at night, silver, gold or purple accessories will go well with your dress.

Choose shoes and bags that will give your red dress a total look. The common fashion blunder among many ladies is the belief that to look good, everything should match from head to toe. You do soccer cleats near me not really need to wear all soccer cleats near me red, all yellow, all pink or whatever color motif you want. So with a red dress, you can wear an offred color of shoes and bags some shades lighter than red. Silver, gold, black or brown high heeled sandals will match your red dress nicely.

Throw a grey or shawl around your shoulders if you are going to an evening affair, particularly when it is an outdoor party and you are wearing an off shoulder red dress. Meanwhile a scarf can give a rather plain looking red dress a cool, refreshing look.

Put on the correct jewelry. Ruby, diamonds, pearls or opal stones will coordinate beautifully with a red dress. Make sure however that the stones have the same color tone with your dress (except for pearls). Diamonds are classic and neutral and can be worn with any outfit. However opal and ruby stones come in different tones. Choose the tone that will match the color tone of your red dress.

Try a pair of high knee boots for casual occasions. Sometimes even a boring dress can be spruced up with the right footwear. So if you are wearing a plain red dress, the way to make it stand out is by wearing headturner shoes. High knee boots (black or brown) will add excitement to your red dress, especially if its design is quite sporty, such as a halter with standing collar style.

Slip into a nice fitting cardigan. But since red is already a heavy color, choose a cardigan with lighter color. Make sure the dress and cardigan do not clash in color scheme. The cardigan should draw attention to the red dress and vice versa in a way that they complement each other.

Pick a thick bangle. A red dress nike mercurial superfly cr7 price and a stand out bangle are all you need to have complete, sassy attire.

Julia Roberts is soccer cleats near me not the only gal who is licensed to wear red dress. Any girl can look gorgeous in a red dress so long as it is worn with elegance and confidence and with the correct accessories nike mercurial superfly cr7 price.

nike mercurial superfly cr7 price How To Apply Nail Polish Professionally

How To Apply Nail Polish Professionally

Nike hypervenom phelon nike mercurial superfly cr7 price nail polish can be applied professionally at home. You just need the right tools and a small space nike mercurial superfly cr7 price to do the procedure. You can ask a friend who is willing to be a participant for you to learn. Start with the hands first and learn from there. Keep in mind the following pointers to be on your way to be an expert at nike hypervenom phelon applying nail polish.

Prepare the following items; different colors of nail polish, a manicure set, cotton balls and Qtips, cloth, basin, gauze or cloth, massage cream, base and top coat.

Advise your friend who is going to act as your client to be seated comfortably. Sit her in front of a table or somewhere where you can easily paint her nails.

Get a basin and fill it with warm, soapy water. Soak her hands for a minute to soften the cuticles and the skin.

Apply hand lotion all over her hands and fingers. This will truly make an enjoyable experience for her. You nike mercurial superfly cr7 price can massage a bit if you want to be really in character.

After a few minutes, get a cotton cloth to dry off the hands and a bit of gauze to dry off the nails. Towels might have loose threads and could stick to the nails. This will make you lose time by having to take those all out.

Choose the nail color that would look best. Try to nike mercurial superfly cr7 price stick with colors that are not so loud. This would be your first time so it would be ideal to choose something of a less bold shade.

Apply base coat on her nails, starting from the cuticle to the top. Do one slow stroke with the brush first starting in the middle going up. Next you will need to do the same thing to the sides.

Let her nails dry for a few seconds while you get the nail polish. Put the bottle in between your palms and rub together as if you are washing your hands. Only this time a nail polish is between your palms. It helps in loosening up any built up liquid inside and avoiding bubbles.

Unscrew and get the top out. This includes the brush. There might be too much paint on the brush so you need to lessen it by wiping it on nike hypervenom phelon the side of the bottle.

Hold her hand steadily and slowly do a soft stroke of the polish a few centimeters away from the cuticle to the top. Same as how you applied the base coat, start with a long center stroke and apply towards the side.

Do not repeatedly apply polish because it will end up an uneven mess.

Once the polish is nicely painted on, leave it for a few minutes to dry. Check the nails to find out if there are some polish that has spread outside the nails.

Get the top coat and apply on the nails once dry. This will give those nails a professional look and a lasting protection.

Clean the sides with a tiny piece of cotton or a Q tip. This will finalize the manicure that you just gave.

The way professionals do nail polish is not that different from how you normally do it. The only thing is that they had a more intensive education and more practice. Concentration is required and a certain degree in controlling hand movements. You can easily apply nail polish professionally if you continue to do it and enjoy doing it as well nike mercurial superfly cr7 price.