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But what about him

Mercurial vapor cleats nike mercurial shop bisexual or gay people) have those little nagging thoughts, you know like how you want to kiss your best mate, ask him to drop the towel when he comes out of the shower, that kind of stuff, and then hey presto you and your girflfriend (of five years!)have broken up, your spending all your time with him, some proper male bonding, and then it culminates in some PROPER proper male bonding!

So the story is that me and my best mate became close really fast. I was revising with him for a uni exam, I literally moved in for a week with him. We revised, watched % together, spent every second of the waking bloody day together. I started feelings romantic feelings for him, and sexual ones too! I had no idea about him, but we seemed mutually close! Then after our exams we went out to celebrate, got incredibly drunk, fell out of a taxi (more like ejected for being inapropriately gay). walked across a field wrestled in true man fashion, fell over in true drunk fashion. Continued said wrestling in mud until we got bored wrestling and started chewing off each others faces. I couldnt do anything but agree.

Basically his GF found out about it. Cum, grass and our muddy clothes in the bathroom gave it away apparently. She forgave us both and we contiued our best friensdship while they contiued their relationship. boys just dont do that, do they? We even argue like a couple. I hate it, because there hasn’t been anymore sex. He avoids getting drunk around me. And now weve just had a big fall out over the fact that I called his relationship with his gf a big farce. Im angry, confused, angry and even more confused. I miss my GF, it was simpler and had more than one bout of sex!

My point is neither of us seem capable of tearing ourselves apart, and nike mercurial shop just end it, at the heart of it we’re still best friends. But I can’t shake my feelings for him. I just can’t. But then I don’t know what he wants or expects, I don’t know what to do. Does he reciprocate feelings for me, mercurial vapor cleats is he in denial, did he make a mistake? What do you ppl think.

Mate if you realy think your into guys you need to go out and try it with another one, nike mercurial shop it sounds like you just feel safe with your best mate and after splitting from your ex that is what you wanted. If he is still with his GF you nike mercurial shop should lave them to it and maybe keep your distance as hard as that maybe, if he wants to be with you he will but in his own time.

To be honest i think you should go out and sow your oats in whatever gender you feel like and get it out of your system, because bottom line is you keep reverting back to sex so realistically that is what you need right now whether it is with birds or blokes who cares but when you meet someone special hopefully you would have cleared it out of your system nike mercurial shop.