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flop Etiquette

Mercurial vapor ag flipflops rule the fashion world it seems. The craze has reached such massive proportions that society has lost sight of what constitutes proper attire. mercurial vapor ag Perhaps a code needs to be implemented to help nike magista opus us use discernment when considering wearing flipflops to funerals, weddings, (other than those on the beach), fancy art galleries, with a suit or elegant dress, or to work at a professional setting.

The trend of allowing casual attire in the work place often includes permitting opentoed shoes. Some debate spawns from this dresscode issue as to the appropriateness of certain sandals and flipflops. While peep toe, and tasteful opentoe pumps still look professional, flip flops rarely fit into an office setting. What used to be a flavor of very casual shoes intended for the beach, or pool, has become an unfortunate and overused fashion statement. Employers often do not like to see employees sporting these, but won’t enforce a change as the differentiation between opentoe shoes and flipflops isn’t clearly defined in the dress code.

Don’ t misunderstand, I own several pairs myself, but I also frequent the beach. You won’t see me wearing them to my office where I meet with clients, and I certainly will not commit the fashion faux pas of pairing them with a classy dress. I was shocked to see that very thing in a local government office. Perhaps mercurial vapor ag laziness drives this trend, or maybe just the pure lack of etiquette.

Consider if you would feel comfortable with your doctor performing your exam or delivering your baby wearing flip flops. Many of us would feel awkward at best. I guess maybe I personally don’t consider them my first choice of attire when wanting to be taken seriously. When I need to look professional, or if I need show respect like at a funeral or military ceremony, I pick a more conservative pair of shoes.

Flip flops certainly show off the mercurial vapor ag fresh pedicure, or wild polish choice but they aren’t always flattering in comparison with the multitude of other opentoe options. Cute, tasteful sandals and opentoe heels flamboyantly grace shoe departments everywhere. Of course, flip flops have graduated from just being rubbersoled colored wonders. Embellished with sequins, flowers, and bows, and showing in every color of the rainbow, they have become a definate fashion statement. I own a fancy pair of zebra ‘flops’, and several pairs with wedge heels myself. So many bright and colorful choices make them hard to resist!

The key to good etiquette when choosing footwear is to consider the function. Look at your other choices of shoe attire, and determine what suits the occasion. nike magista opus Don’t forget to be respectful through your nike magista opus attire. If dress pants, or elegant dresses are expected, then save those fun flip flops for a more casual outing mercurial vapor ag nike magista opus.

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Feagles leaves big shoes to fill

Nike hypervenom phantom ii ag matt Dodge admitted that walking into the New York Giants’ locker room for the first time was somewhat unsettling. He was not only a rookie a punter, no less he was replacing the stalwart Jeff Feagles. But because of Dodge’s physique, he did not go unnoticed.

“Yeah, he’s pretty jacked, receiver Sinorice Moss said. “It’s probably the first time I’ve seen a punter that big,

A bodybuilding fanatic, Dodge spent more time idolizing Arnold Schwarzenegger than Ray Guy while growing up. Now, he weighs a rocksolid 228 pounds, biceps bulging underneath Tshirts that fit snuggly around his arms.

“I don’t do it to be nike magista opus a better punter, Dodge said of nike hypervenom phantom ii ag his bodybuilding. “This is more selfish stuff,

In April, Feagles announced his retirement after a 22year NFL career, the past seven with the Giants, in which he was the virtuoso of directional punting. Feagles retired as the league’s career leader in punts (1,713), punting yards (71,211) and balls downed inside the 20yard line (554).

No pressure after that, right?

Drafted in the seventh round out of East Carolina, Dodge beat out Jy Bond in minicamp this summer, making him the heir apparent to Feagles. Dodge nike magista opus had a shaky start to training camp, but he has been working with Feagles, who is at camp helping out.

“Obviously, I’m not going to line up and knock out someone on every play, which is how a lot of these nike hypervenom phantom ii ag guys gain respect, nike magista opus Dodge said. “I’m going to have to do it working hard and just producing,

Among punters, Dodge has already distinguished himself with his physique.

His older brother, Nate, a member of the Army National Guard who served in Iraq from 200405, helped to push him in the weight room. Nate had learned different targeted workout routines during his tour of duty, exercises with names like ultimate arms and barbaric back.

Nate, 29, said he was never as intense about weight training as his younger brother.

“It might be a rewarding thing for him, Nate Dodge said in a telephone interview. “It might be a confidence booster. Plus, not too many people are going to mess with you when you’re bigger,

At East Carolina, Dodge’s 9,583 punting yards ranked third in team history and second among punters from Conference nike hypervenom phantom ii ag USA. (Dodge played one season at Appalachian State before transferring to East Carolina, and his first season there was in 2007.)

“The mindset I have is a bodybuilder mindset, Dodge said. “I want to be the best punter I can be, but I’ll always have that in the back of my mind that I want to lift weights, too,

Safety John Busing was teammates with Matt Turk, one of the bigger punters in the NFL, while playing for the Houston Texans last season. At 6 feet 5, Turk is taller than 61 Dodge. Busing said a punter like Dodge is an anomaly nike hypervenom phantom ii ag nike magista opus.