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Dress Up Like These Scary Fashion Characters

Online soccer shoes nike hypervenom phinish monster High is a wonderfully creative line nike hypervenom phinish by Matel that includes dolls of the characters, games, trinkets, and costumes. They are a great option for Halloween sort of a mix of scary and fun. And they go so far beyond the basic witches black or mummy wrap since they are fashion dolls they are a twist on the trends today.

The characters are all derived online soccer shoes from monsters in folklore, monster movies and fiction and are actually intended as fashion dolls. They are linked to such well known monsters as Dracula, Sea Monsters, Werewolve, Mummies, Frankenstein The Abominable Snowman and others.

They have a universal appeal these dolls are collected by fans of all ages. I know some mom’s of girls who collect buying their own favorites while out buying some as gifts for their children. There are also other things to collect staionary, bags and key chains. Something for everyone.

Frankie Stein the 15dayold daughter of Frankenstein and bride. She has waistlength black and white hair and her fashion style is preppy.

Draculaura the daughter of Count Dracula. During the popularity of the characters she turned 1,600 and there were momentoes to buy around this event. She is a vegan vampire.

Clawdeen Wolf the daughter of the Werewolf. She is 15 years old and wears animal prints.

Cleo de Nile the daughter of the Mummy. She is 5,842 years old and usually wears clothing that looks like wrappings. Has gold in her dark hair.

Lagoona Blue the daughter of the Sea Monster. She is blue of course.

Ghoulia Yelps the daughter of a zombies. She is 16 and likes to wear red.

Dolls the whole thing started with the dolls. There are the plastic 11 inch dolls and there also stuffed dolls (not as popular). For a complete list of the dolls (there have been over 100) click here. (to come)

Doll Accessories As with any doll, once you have the doll there are accessories nike hypervenom phinish clothes, purses, shoes, beds, etc.

Jewellry and cosmetics You can have Monster High themed necklaces and earings as well as some of the eyeshadoes, lipstick, etc that looks like what your favorite Monster Ghoul wears. You get them at Claire’s

Games Monster High games are great for parties, sleepovers, and family night. They are available for Wii or DS. There are a few out and they come out with more all the time.

TShirst from Justice you can get theme Tshirs to wear

Books and Movies the characters inspired Lisi Harrison and Gitty Daneshvari to write books about them. As well, there is a movie.

Costume and party favours Halloween costumes themed after the characters are a great way to dress up for the season. And you can nike hypervenom phinish do it with a few accessories and some imagination if you don’t want to buy a full out costume nike hypervenom phinish online soccer shoes.