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None of my games will Load

Shoes for soccer nike ok, i uninstalled all the games that werent working and afterwards ran Ccleaner, Chkdisk and installed the drivers for shoes for soccer nike the camera. After that i attempted to reinstall Fallout 3, which came up with the license error almost as soon as i put the disc in the drive. I thought this might be a problem related to the disc drive, so i cleaned it with a drive cleaning disc and the problem still persists. However, Left 4 Dead installed without any problem at all, so i intend to see if the problem still persists there.

Hello again everyone, sorry for the time it took to respond but i was on holiday. To answer all your questions at once i shall mention certain changes and things that have happened since my last post and generally respond to your posts of course.

Ive already tried to use Driver Detective but since it wasnt free i couldnt download the drivers properly, though i did perform a full scan and it did find some problems.

I dont have any emulation software running in the background, though i do have 4 virtual drives with nothing mounted on them.

The drive came with my PC The Dell Dimension 9200, so i think it may be alright,taking into consideration however, is the fact that it is now 3 years old (roughly since i got it in the christmas of 2006) it may be a problem but i doubt it.

Also i found out that i could not run the games via the shortcuts on the desktop or in the start menu, but i can run them in their program folders which is rather confusing as to what could be causing that problem. This does not work for all games however, as Rainbow six vegas 2 runs the autopatcher but not the actual game with either method. The game was functioning perfectly fine a few weeks ago, and i have no explanation to this at all because it came up with no errors in the installation (after i reinstalled all my games it came up with some though).

I have recently bought Deus EX which runs on CD instead of DVD nike hypervenom phantom ii and the installation worked far better than those on the DVD because it came up with no CRC errors. At first i thought this was a problem related to my disk drive, nike hypervenom phantom ii but i recently discovered that the CRC errors can apply to any online installations also.

One more thing, something seems to be corrupting the game files (or at least for Mass Effect) because previously i was able to play the game shoes for soccer nike without any trouble, but now the game freezes and the sound loops after a few minutes of play and i have to end the program. This has never happened to me before, though a similar occurance happened in Overlord when at a certain point the exact same thing happened, though shoes for soccer nike i had to shut down the computer (which i seem to have to do quite often due to bluescreens of death). After that one crash however, the game functioned normally shoes for soccer nike nike hypervenom phantom ii.