new ronaldo cleats 2017 Diary of a Breastfeeding Strike

Diary of a Breastfeeding Strike

Nike hypervenom on sale it can happen when a Mom least expects it: a nursing strike. One day baby is nursing happily and the next day, baby is fussy and refusing the breast. What happens?

Breastfeeding strikes can be caused by a number of things: illness or teething pain in the baby, change in routine such as while vacationing, a shock such as a move or sudden change of caregivers, a reaction from Mom when baby bit, or even a reaction to perfume or laundry detergent Mom is using. A nursing strike is not weaning. Weaning is gradual, strikes are sudden. nike hypervenom on sale The baby wants to nurse but something is stopping her, and baby and Mom are both miserable.

Your 9 month old baby wakes up from a nap feeling feverish. She is refusing food and also won breastfeed. It takes Mom several hours to realize what is happening since baby is busy playing and being distracted by family members. By this time, Mom realizes she is engorged and uncomfortable. Her attempts to get baby to take the breast end in frustration. Baby is new ronaldo cleats 2017 obviously in discomfort but won be comforted by the thing that usually makes her feel better. Mom uses a hand pump or hand expresses for comfort, but not before she begins to feel the telltale beginning signs of mastitis: a slight fever, soreness in the breasts and a feeling new ronaldo cleats 2017 like grape clusters in her chest. Mom takes a dose of an over the counter pain reliever and takes a hot shower to help with the discomfort.

Baby is still acting ill and unhappy. By this time Mom has taken her to the Pediatrician, who diagnosed Tonsillitis. Mom realizes that the nursing strike is probably nike hypervenom on sale caused by the pain she experiencing from sucking and swallowing. Mom does her best to get baby to take fluids and has to experiment with many different things. She finds that baby will accept refrigerated, cold expressed breastmilk in a cup. She concludes that the cold milk must feel better nike hypervenom on sale to baby throat. Mom is still attempting to woo baby back to the breast with lots of skin to skin contact, wearing baby more in a sling, offering the breast at naptimes and bathing with baby. She is able to latch baby on a couple of times when baby is sleeping. Mom and baby are both comforted!

During this time Mom finds herself a bit sad and weepy due to the hormonal changes this partial weaning has brought on. She contemplates her feelings about breastfeeding the baby and concludes that she new ronaldo cleats 2017 is not ready to wean, at least not in this abrupt fashion. She realizes how breastfeeding has become a large part of how she mothers her baby and an important tool in her mothering toolbox.

By this time Mom is feeling better since baby nursed some through the night. Baby is acting like her old self again and latches on like a champ. They go on to have a happy breastfeeding relationship for many more months!

Many mothers wean before they and baby are ready because they don know the signs of a nursing strike. A breastfeeding strike can be difficult but it can be overcome. It doesn have to mean the end of breastfeeding. Read our full Terms of Service nike hypervenom on sale.