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Towards Better Oral Health in Children

Green soccer cleats towards BETTER ORAL HEALTH IN CHILDREN: ANALYSIS OF CONSULTATION RESPONSESCHAPTER 3: APPROACH TO ANALYSISThe consultation produced a vast quantity of largely qualitative material dispersed amongst 1342 responses. In addition to deploying an organised and robust framework for identifying and collating relevant comments from respondents, the exercise also required a number of groundrules to be set to ensure responses were prepared for analysis in a consistent and sensible fashion. The main rules set were:Based on previous experience of Government consultations, the research team mercurial vi was alert from the start to the need to identify duplicate responses. These occur when a respondent copies their response to addressees such as their green soccer cleats MSP and Parliament in green soccer cleats addition to the designated consultation address. In order to identify and remove duplicate responses from the exercise, the research team undertook an initial hand search of all responses followed by an electronic screen of respondents once green soccer cleats the responses had been entered onto a database. Again, picked up by hand searching and electronic screening, these responses, if identical, were removed from the exercise, or, more frequently, collated into one comprehensive response from that particular individual or organisation, because each response contained fresh material.

Theming of ResponsesAn electronic ACCESS database was used to store and assist analysis of the responses. The fields used to record the material were based on the themes for discussion presented in the consultation document and a detailed examination of the first 200 responses to be submitted. In this instance, some degree of judgement was required at mercurial vi the point of categorising material under themes and in allocating responses under the “depth of response” headings (see p. 15). Generally, these involved counts of the numbers and percentages of respondents who responded on particular topics and, within these subgroups, the numbers and mercurial vi percentages of respondents holding particular views. Many of the comments included in the report were put forward by several respondents. For practical reasons, it has not been possible to list all commentators on every issue. Instead, examples of respondents holding those views have been listed, in an attempt to provide a flavour of the types of respondent involved. This approach enables all key points to be documented with minimal interruption to the flow of text.

The following 10 Chapters document the substance of the analysis, presenting the main issues, arguments and solutions contained in the responses. These follow broadly the ordering of issues raised in the consultation document. Chapter 14 takes an overview of these and highlights action points and recommendations green soccer cleats.