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What Is A Shavette

Nike boot mercurial vi ic a shavette is best described as a disposable straight razor. The shavette has a similar look to a straight razor. The biggest difference between a shavette and straight razor is the blade. The blade on a shavette is machined, and is really thin. Despite their thinness they are extremely sharp.

The blades that you use with a shavette are the same blades that you use with a doubleedged razor also known as a “DE” or safety razor. As you may have guessed, the DE has edges on two sides.

In order to use the blades for a straight razor you bend it in half and break it. Take care not to cut yourself as you do it. You then place half of the blade in the removable plastic/rubber/metal insert, and put it back into the shavette and you are ready to use it.

The blade on a straight razor, is one solid piece of metal which is extended through to the monkey tail(end opposite of the blade.) Straight razors are honed by hand in order to achieve the shave shaving edge.

Why Would You Want to Use a Shavette Over a Straight razor?

When I first started out I wanted to make sure I actually would like shaving with a straight razor before I bought a strop, straight razor, and badger hair brush. The shavette provided me a similar shaving experience, without having to go “all in,

The second reason you might shave with a shavette instead of a straight is to make sure you have the technique down. When you’re learning how to shave with a straight razor it’s very easy to cut yourself if you don’t have the right technique down. It can also mercurial vi ic be frustrating if your straight razor doesn’t have a sharp enough edge. Shaving with a shavette guarantees you will have a sharp edge mercurial vi ic to shave with, which means one less thing to worry about doing right when you are learning. You can then go on and focus on technique and developing the muscle memory. Once you nike boot have shaved with a shavette it will be a very simple transition to a straight. The angle at which you have to hold the blade will change, but that is very easy to adjust and get used to.

The final reason you might use a shavette over a straight razor is for traveling. It can be a hassle carrying a strop with you while you travel, and you also have to be very careful when packing your straight so you don’t damage the edge. A shavette is a very mercurial vi ic simple alternative. Just don’t put it in your carry on, unless you really enjoy spending an extra fortyfive minutes with TSA receiving a thorough patdown.

Ultimately, whether you want to use a shavette is up to you. Some people never use them and just learn on a straight razors. Other people use shavettes when traveling and their straight razor is being honed. Whether you shave with a shavette or a straight razor you can expect to have fun learning a new skill mercurial vi ic.