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Evaporator B Return to Service OSP

Mercurial superfly on sale nike magistax a further evaporator (Evaporator D) is currently nike magistax under construction. encapsulation in a stable glass product).

As recent measurements taken on Evaporator C may suggest a shorter remnant life than initially predicted and Evaporator D has projected delays to its being available for active operations, the return to service of Evaporator B would provide a significant increase in capacity/throughput. This would help to ensure that SL can meet reprocessing requirements and minimise the quantities of fuel in long nike magistax term storage in ponds at the site.

In December 2009, SL discovered that a 2″ lute line had failed within the Evaporator B cell, thus allowing nitric acid to leak in to the cell and cause significant corrosion damage to structural steelwork. In order to enable Evaporator B to return to service, SL has determined that two beams must be given additional physical support prior to restart. The leak also prevented the commissioning of a coil pressurisation system that had been installed prior to the discovery of the failed lute line.

This Overarching Strategy Paper covers the strategy and outlines the necessary work to enable the safe restart and subsequent operation of Evaporator B (including the commissioning of the coil pressurisation system). This work is to be delivered through six Plant Modification Proposals (five category ‘C’ and one category ‘B’).

Assessment and inspection work carried out by ONR in consideration of this request

In support of this ‘acknowledgement’, ONR has;Completed a specialist assessment of the Overarching nike magistax Strategy Paper,

Identified a suitable regulatory hold point.

Matters arising from ONR’s work

The meetings with SL provided ONR with confidence that SL’s approach to managing the risks associated with the Evaporator B return to service is appropriate.

Future engagements with SL will continue to keep ONR informed as the project progresses.

The Civil/Structural assessment concluded that SL has suitable arrangements to adequately undertake the mercurial superfly on sale civil engineering aspects of the work. Both recommendations made within that assessment have been adequately addressed by SL. Given the operational challenge associated with other ‘Highly Active’ evaporators on the site, the successful return to service of Evaporator B is key in ensuring hazard reduction of reprocessing waste products continues at an appropriate pace.

Our assessment of SL’s Overarching Strategy Paper has found that SL’s;

Approach to managing the Evaporator B return to service is appropriate and will ensure the associated risks are ALARP.

Issue LI 848 under SL’s approved arrangements for Site LC22 to acknowledge the receipt of the Evaporator B Return to Service Overarching Strategy Paper, and

Notify SL that it should formally submit Plant Modification Proposal 5 (‘Implementation of the revised safety case and subsequent operation of Evaporator B under new configuration’) for ‘agreement’ under SL’s approved arrangements for Site LC22 nike magistax.