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flashy or just plain comfy

Magista online at work it dress pants, suits, dresses and trying to look professional, especially if I have to spend time downtown.

At home I more casual but I do try to dress as stylishly as possible. magista online I would call it casual chic. In California I think people dress more casually anyway than, say New York or in the bigger cities back east.

For example, today at work I wore dress pants with a silk blouse and a blazer with some very cute shoes with a low heel and very pointed toes. I had a meeting with my boss at the district level today. As soon as I was home, off come and pants and silk shirt and I put on some jeans and a cashmere sweater with flats. I did leave on the diamond earrings though for fun and because they sparkle.

I always like to wear a dress to dinner if we going to a nice restaurant. I think that a little oldfashioned of me. I come from a time when we wore dresses every day to magista online school and I still love dresses.

I used to be high maintenance, nice hairdo, makeup. I always wore dresses and stylish clothing and all the accessories. Then I did an aboutface. I really examined my priorities and what I wanted out of life. I decided I would much rather spend an hour writing, or painting, or talking with a friend or family member, than doing my hair and putting size 14 mens soccer cleats on makeup. I decided feeling comfortable is more important than conforming to society expectations of me.

I want my magista online time. MY time. I don want my time sucked into trying to look like a fashion model or something. Thats just not important to me.

I not an entire slob or anything, but I am casual. And yes, when I at home I perpetually wear pajamas and slippers. When I’m out, I might wear a loose skirt or loose flowing pants, and a pullover shirt. I always wear flat shoes because of my arthritis. I keep my hair cut very short so I don have to mess with it. size 14 mens soccer cleats I never wear makeup. I wear my glasses if I don’t forget to put them on.

I not against ornamentation or anything. I have tattoos. Sometimes I wear jewelry, sometimes I go totally minimalist with the ornaments. I have three pieces of jewelry that are perpetual, all of them amulets that are very very old and very very meaningful to me.

I do like to smell good, but thats for ME. I love scents, I find bubble baths and hot showers rejuvenating. Being surrounded by a nice aroma can really heighten my mood, so I do wear fragrance, usually in the form of oils.

I clean, I hygienic, and I dress neatly, but I definitely comfy. Comfy in the extreme.

I work with kids with autism, so my dress is based on functionality and safety (no earrings or jewelry to be choked with for me!) When I’m going out, I go for classy with an edge. Something daring or interesting that still looks highclass (yes, it’s a hard line to tread, I know!) But at this point in my life I’m not doing much going out, so I go for the classic jeans and teeshirts if I’m running errands and sweats when I’m around the house: comfy, quick, and I can get them messy without being concerned 😉 magista online.