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Magista new neymar kids boots call FOR SUBMISSIONS: ASUANG by neymar kids boots PAPER MONSTER PRESS Asuang is an umbrella term for creatures that people our imagination. As blood suckers, they engender in us, a fear of the dark, of morbidity, of paleness, of incense. The fear that desires, the fear that suffocates, not just creatures but open spaces and high places. Fear of beings that when looked at mirrors or through other eyes, resemble perhaps, ourselves? Then here maybe, there be monsters? Asuang then calls not just for darkness but for hallucinogen, psychedelia, kaleidoscopic narratives in whatever genre. Specifically, we ask for: 1. 13 poems/ essays/ flash fiction (less than 500 words, English or Filipino) 2. 13 artworks in black/ white (in JPEG format) 3. 13 sound pieces in MP3 or Wav format 4. Critical essays about the small press/ underground publishing/ the culture of fanzines (also under 500 words) 5. Reviews of any issue of Paper Monster Press (and we’ve done 6 so far) a. Pyrotechnic Poetry 1 b. Pyrotechnic Poetry 2 c. S/triphop d. Dream(pop) e. Queer Punk f. SANDIGmaan 6. A theme for 1 print year Ex. LOST IN TRANSLATION year a. Issue 1: Atlantis (about forgetting/ resurfacing/ the abyss/ depths/ drowning/ swan diving) b. Issue 2: Free Tibet (about culture clash/ Buddhism/ heights/ climbing/ pure dizziness of clouds) c. Issue 3: Timespace Warp (about timezones/ cultural differences/ time and space/ reincarnation/ and the endless echoes we can never reach) d. Issue 4: Labyrinths (canals/ road bridges/ the strange and devious routes we take to fantasy/ intoxication/ escape) THE FINE PRINT 1. The deadline for submissions is on May 31, 2012. 3. Payment is one contributor copy and that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from seeing your name in print. 😉 VIVA SMALL PRESS!Hi all, I really wanted to tell you all about my new Independent, Kerouac’s Dog it’s is a brandspanking new, independent quarterly set to form neymar kids boots a bold and exciting creative platform for new writing, design, photography, fashion and plenty more.

It’s inspired by Jack Kerouac and the 1950s Beat generation and in honour of these, will eagerly exhibit the newest and bravest work and magista new folios, from creatives all over the world. All tied up with neymar kids boots key themes of freedom; truth; beauty; love; travel; wanderlust; sex; taboo; and fringe. The whole thing will be beautifully designed and printed toptobottom in black and white (because we have a passion for all things black and white).Issue 1 needs you The very first Issue. ‘Freedom’ will be released as a limited printrun later in the year, and available to buy online, to a global audience. So we’re calling on creatives for submissions on this theme and this theme only. As the whole thing is in black and white, the only stipulation is that the stuff you send needs to be in or look gorgeous in monochrome. It can be old work, or new work, we don’t mind. We won’t be able to pay you, but we’re happy to put names and URLs with each submission used so please send these through, along with your work neymar kids boots magista new.