Kids Nike Mercurial Superfly V CR7 Champions FG Soccer Cleats Red Gold Slater handed suspended sentence in retrospect

Slater handed suspended sentence in retrospect

Kids nike mercurial superfly fg michael Slater breathed easy after match referee Cammie Smith let him off with a simple warning after the heated incident between Slater, Rahul Dravid and umpire S mens nike tiempo Venkataraghavan in the first Test at Mumbai. Fortunately for the sections of the cricket loving public who believed that justice had not been done, Slater was handed a one match suspended suspension in retrospect. In addition Slater was docked fifty percent of his match fee (Aus $3600) for the transgression. The suspended sentence is valid for six months. In other words, if Slater commits another error of judgment in the heat of the moment, in the next six months he will have to forego one match. Ironically, the suspension comes in the light of an interview Slater gave to an Australian radio channel kids nike mercurial superfly fg rather than for the incident itself. The International Cricket Council Code of Conduct does not take kindly to players speaking to the media in critical fashion about decisions taken by its officials.

When Dravid pulled a short ball from Damien Fleming to Slater at square leg, the New South Welshman dived low and picked the ball up close to the ground. Slater claimed the catch and ran up to the umpire. Unsure about the legality of the catch, Venkat referred the matter to the third umpire. After looking at the replays, which suggested that the ball appeared to come off the turf, the third umpire ruled Dravid not out. On seeing this, Slater went up to Venkat and exchanged words. The flashy opening batsman seemed to suggest that the umpire should take his word for it. However, it must be noted that Slater refused to walk in the first innings of the same kids nike mercurial superfly fg game when he was caught behind off a low catch.

After Venkat made it clear that the third umpire’s decision was that Dravid was not out, Slater walked across to Dravid. Exchanging more words, that appeared to be heated, Slater made life difficult for the batsmen. Dravid, keeping his cool, seemed to ride the storm.

Later, the Indian vice captain went over to the Australian dressing room and spoke to Slater about the incident. Reports in the media suggest that the two have relegated the incident to the past.

Steve kids nike mercurial superfly fg Waugh, speaking to pressmen before the start of the second Test at Kolkata did not wish to comment on the whole episode.

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