kids cr7 soccer cleats Jelly Watches And Slap On Watch Such A Big Craze

Jelly Watches And Slap On Watch Such A Big Craze

Soccer turf shoes kids cr7 soccer cleats the masses have spoken and the response has been an absolutely resounding yes. A lot of fashion accessories have hit the market but nothing close to the way these plastic multicolored watches were received. Obviously we talking about the very well loved silicone kids cr7 soccer cleats watches.

Before you start reading, let get the terms out of the way. The term silicone watches is really more of an umbrella term because it covers more than one type of watch. A standard silicone watch is just that. It made out of silicone, well at least the strap is. The thing is that silicone can be shaped and molded into practically any shape so it is a term that can really be used to describe more than just one type of watch.

A jelly watch is also a silicone watch. Jelly watches, as the name suggest are made from silicone that looks like jelly. It not an edible version but really a pretty close likeness. The other is the slap watch or better known as the slap on watch. The soccer turf shoes slap on watch is so called because that literally how you put it on, just slap it onto your wrist and presto your wearing your watch.

The silicone watch craze is rally quite understandable if you think about it. There are a couple of basic reasons why the silicone watch seems to have taken over the accessory category. The first is color. Jelly watches can be found in practically every color from pastel to neon. If you have a big range of colors in your wardrobe then the jelly watch is definitely for you. The slap watch also comes in a variety of great colors though usually not as out of this world as the jelly watches. Regular silicone watches also come in great colors and can even be made shiny.

The second reason is versatility. These colorful accessories can be used anywhere. Wear one of your thinner jelly watches at the gym or a sleek red snap watch with a black shirt on a night out. Wear your snap on watch to a date or your jelly watch to the office. The fact is that their wide range of colors makes them easy to pair and since they come in so many designs you can choose one that complements your outfit.

The third is comfort. Silicone does not restrict blood flow which makes it more comfortable to wear them or the jelly watch or the snap watch. The jelly watches and snap watches are also light. Compare these to regular aluminum or steel watches which can be great looking but also quite cumbersome. The silicone watch feels like you don have it on. When you comfortable it shows and you look more confident.

The fourth reason is the price. kids cr7 soccer cleats Not everyone can afford a high end kids cr7 soccer cleats brand but you don have to sacrifice quality for it. A good jelly watch can cost about one third of a regular stainless steel watch whereas a snap watch can cost the same amount kids cr7 soccer cleats soccer turf shoes.