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Fashion Week a showcase of new designers

Hypervenomx proximo turf lightweight soccer cleats the MalaysiaInternational Fashion Week (MIFW’10) ended on a high note with an exclusive Gala showing.

The evening saw a lineup of established designers comprising wellknown names like Radzuan Radziwill, Syaiful Baharim, modelactress turned designer Kavita Sidhu, Datuk Bernard Chandran as well as last year’s joint winners of mifa’s Most Promising Designer Of The Year, Tengku Syahmi and Jonathan Liang.

Liang, who collaborated hypervenomx proximo turf with Tengku Syahmi for the brand Ultra, set the mood with his daring, figurehugging creations. His colour palette was mainly nude and neutral tones, and his creations, soft and feminine, were highlighted with chiffon and feathers. He infused a hardened contradictory edge to the outfits with golden breastplates, leather and Princess Leia buns.

Tengku Syahmi’s work referenced Amazonian warriors, goddesses and superheroes. He toyed with the female silhouette, displaying tight, cleavagebaring pieces in mostly black or white.

Sultan of Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah (far left) presenting the mifa Industry Excellence Award to Andrews Models founder Andrew Tan while Kavita and mifa CEO Syeba Yip (right) look on.

Next up was Syaiful who offered a range of glamorous evening gowns that were lush and dramatic. They came in glitzy shades of gold, emanating luxury. Syaiful, the oneman force behind Baharim, Innai and Nuur Innai, was mad about Greciangoddess gowns and qi paoinspired pieces that night. An anklelength lacy qi pao dress with a feathered hem in particular, stood out from the rest.

The eponymous label Kavita centred on resort wear. Her kaftans and long sundresses were made from the finest Italian silk chiffons and linens featuring bold, ethnic and animal prints as well as bright patterns.

Radzuan injected an ethnic vibe lightweight soccer cleats with earthly shades and traditional design elements. Soft drapes and gowns with intricate ethnic details were predominant. Fabrics such as silk satin and silk chiffon in pastels and rich earthly tones lent an aura of opulence to the collection.

Bernard’s gowns were mostly straight and loose, reminiscent of the 1920s flapper dress, with lightweight soccer cleats black, white and pastel lacy numbers given shocks of pink or green feathered bands around the waist and hem.

Generally, the mifa Gala was a stylish showcase that gleamed with promise for the future of Malaysian fashion.

Andrews Models founder Andrew Tan and Kavita emerged the biggest hypervenomx proximo turf winners of the night when they took home the mifa Industry Excellence Award 2010 for their contributions to the fashion industry. Both received their awards from Sultan of Selangor Sultan lightweight soccer cleats Sharafuddin Idris Shah, who graced the event.

The winners of the Maxis Innovation Award, in the Emerging Talent, PretaPorter and Star Couture categories, were Yiu Lin from KLutched, Villiam Ooi and joint winners Michael Ong and Radzuan respectively.

Newcomer Silas Liew won the Most Promising Designer of the Year award, while another newcomer Yuen Sze Jia was named Most Promising Model of the Year. By Fiona Ho lightweight soccer cleats.

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Fashion Victim

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