hypervenom with sock Double Breasted Suits

Double Breasted Suits

Nike cr7 soccer in men’s fashion the double breasted suit is making a trendy comeback. A very popular suit selection during the 1930s to the 1950s this style was the epitome of a well dressed man. You can see Humphrey Bogart to the left in the movie Casablanca has one on. It fell out of vogue for a few decades and then became a fashion choice from the mid 1980s to the mid 1990s. We are starting to see another swing back to the classic look of double breasted suits with trendy men who are looking for a fresh look.

Image Credit: Casablanca, 1942

Unlike the looser version of Double Breasted suits like the one shown at the right, today’s trend is for a more form fitting slimmer cut. The stylish man in today’s fashion world loves the elegant and classic look of the double breasted suit but does not want to look too formal or stodgy.

When choosing a suit for the updated look be sure to have one tailored with a wide and top peaked lapel. This accentuates your chest and makes a statement of power. Your jacket should be a bit shorter than you normally wear nike cr7 soccer your jackets and blazers for a proper look.

The best look with a tie is to select the wider ties instead of the skinny ties. Those fun and funky skinny ties just do not work, they sort of get lost and do not compliment the overall look you are going for.

Image Credit: Permission granted by Marcus Kaiser under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

The “DB” or double breasted suit really extends your wardrobe. Obviously you have the very classic look of a well tailored suit for business and evening wear. Your jacket can be worn with a nice pair of jeans to give you a casual look. You can also choose to wear the jacket with a different nike cr7 soccer color of trousers for a look of dressy casual.

You can choose to wear a white or light colored pair of trousers with a dark double breasted jacket in the summer for a very cool look. In the fall and winter just select a darker pair of trousers for the same look hypervenom with sock with a warmer feel.

You can create a new contemporary look to your wardrobe with just a hint of the retro look when you choose to add a double breasted suit to your wardrobe.

Besides the style of suit that I have showcased here which is sometimes referred to as the Italian or nike cr7 soccer European style of apparel for men, there are other styles as well.

The English style will typically have three buttons, the lapel is of a medium size and it will usually have two side vents. The shoulders will have a little padding and there will be three pockets on the outside of the jacket. Pants will have a cuff and will be pleated.

The American style of suit has two buttons and no padding in the shoulders. Typically has three pockets (one breast and two side). The pants will not have a cuff and there is no pleating of the pants at the waist.

The Mandarin style has a collar that stands up and there are buttons that are placed on the full length of the jacket which means there will be five or six buttons on the jacket nike cr7 soccer hypervenom with sock.

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