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Gay Celebrities and the Coming Out Narrative

Size 14 soccer cleats hypervenom phelon ag i written a lot recently about openly gay celebrities and the positive hypervenom phelon ag impacts they have on the movements for queer visibility and rights. But as we praise these brave individuals for the amazing strides they hypervenom phelon ag are making, we should not take this public discussion of sexual orientation by famous people for granted. Coming out publicly is not the automatic obligations of every LGBT person who happens to be wellknown for some reason, and we have no right to demand that it should be.

Many notable actors, musicians, and so on live queer lives without ever feeling the need to discuss the issue in interviews. Some celebrities never talk about any aspect of their personal lives in the media, and to expect these privacy seekers to make an exception just to speak about their sexuality is bizarre. If a famous person who lives a homosexual private life never publicly denies his or her sexuality, he or she should not be accused of hiding or lying merely because he or she does not wish to share personal details with the rest of the world.What many people fail to think about is that coming out is a very strange thing to have to do. It is bizarre to feel as if you have to sit down with the people you know and explicitly tell them about your sexual desires, and sometimes, it just doesn come up. Many people are openly LGBT with their family and friends but do not discuss their sexuality at work, not because they are in the closet, but because they find it irrelevant to their role at the workplace. It is not a queer person fault if everyone automatically assumes they are straight until declared gay or bi, and they should not feel pressured to talk to every single person they know about their personal sexual desires.The same goes for those in the public eye. Anderson Cooper is not hiding if he never gives an interview saying he is gay; he is merely a journalist who feels that his personal life is not relevant to his public career. Jodie Foster is a serious dramatic actress who has never been particularly open with the media, so her decision not to do a People magazine cover to talk about her female partner is not being dishonest or cowardly but being herself. Lindsay Lohan was not required to warn everyone that she was bisexual before she started dating Samantha Ronson.There are different ways to be out of the closet and comfortable with oneself, and not all of them involve official public declarations. Though those who choose hypervenom phelon ag to be open about their sexualities in the media are heroic, those who choose not to be are size 14 soccer cleats not traitors. There is no correct way to deal with being homo, bi, or transsexual in a deeply prejudiced society, and every queer person has the right to find his or her own path. The important thing is not to lie hypervenom phelon ag size 14 soccer cleats.