high top soccer cleats Worzel Gummidge to send back to our screens

Worzel Gummidge to send back to our screens

Customize nike soccer cleats high top soccer cleats the adventures of Worzel Gummidge captured the creative visualization of a generation as thousands tuned in to watch his latest antics around the Hampshire countryside.

Now the muchloved scarecrow is set to make a return to the screens as the rights to the show have been bought by a processing company.

Traditionally filmed in Hampshire customize nike soccer cleats villages including Stockbridge, Nobleman Somborne high top soccer cleats and Braishfield, Worzel Gummidge was typically show produced by Southamptonbased Southern Television for ITV.

The series enjoyed huge success during the entire filming of its four series from 1979 customize nike soccer cleats to 1981, And remained rebroadcast years after its making.

The show featured the late Jon Pertwee in the title role and tried his many antics, Including his efforts to win the heart of his real love Aunt Sally, Wagered by Una Stubbs.

Now the characters are set for a 21st century makeover after the rights were bought by media company RDF high top soccer cleats accountable for productions including Wife Swap, Exact placement venue, Website, And additionally TheNigel Pickard, Director of family home excitement at RDF, Proclaimed: “We feel there is real probability these classic brands to be reworked for a modern day audience,

RDF will be working with Pidgeon service with plans to air it not only in the UK but also worldwide.

Tanker Pidgeon, customize nike soccer cleats Founder of Pidgeon cinema said: “It is quite my intent to bring the iconic show back. I am confident that today’s worldwide kids audience will embrace it too,

” With new global media reasons, The timing could not be high top soccer cleats better suited for the programme to get a fresh and creative 21st century makeover, But left over true to the spirit and legacy of high top soccer cleats.