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From Kenya to Me to We to you

Cheap hypervenom with sock not only does Me To We stock socially conscious, sweatshopfree and environmentally friendly products that are stylish, half the net profit is donated to the store’s sister organization Free The Children, with the other half reinvested to grow the enterprise.

In addition to water bottles, mugs, notebooks, silk scarves, cashmere pashminas, Tshirts, wrap dresses and yoga pants all made in Canada of organic cotton or bamboo there is Me To We Artisans, a line of original accessories handcrafted by artisans in communities where Free The Children carries out development work. The inaugural line is the Maasai Collection, showcasing beadwork done by 400 “mamas,

Artisans founder is Roxanne Joyal, a Rhodes Scholar with a law degree from Oxford who is married to Marc Kielburger, brother of Craig Kielburger, who founded Free The Children in 1991 when he was 12. He is cofounder of Me To We with Joyal.

“I work with 400 women in Kenya to bring the beadwork to marketplace, Joyal explains over the phone from Nairobi. (For the past 10 years, Joyal, a FrancoManitoban, has split time between Kenya and Canada.) “We tweak and reengineer the designs for the North American market.

“Drought in East Africa is a big issue and the mamas are in droughtafflicted areas but they are not affected and are able to afford cheap hypervenom with sock food for their families. Me To We finances literacy training so the artisan can make a business plan so she can afford tin roofing or send her kids to school,

Price points are great and the line appeals to all ages: entry level is the $9.99 Rafiki (which means “friend” in Swahili) bead necklace, which can be layered or worn as a bracelet or anklet.

Joyal’s goto items are the fivestrand antique trade bead necklace ($299.99) and the large disc Lamu earrings ($49.99), handstamped sterling silver and made in Lamu, a small island off the coast of Kenya.

Savannah Skinny Belt, unisex, handmade from Kenyan leather with glass beads handstitched into circles and priced at $79.99. Kate Middleton has been photographed wearing one William proposed to her in Kenya.

Bahati Luck Snap Bracelets are beaded in geometrical patterns. Prices range from $29.99 for narrow models to $39.99 for wide cuffs.

Malakka Wedding necklace is beaded in a geometrical pattern and adorned with beaded cristiano ronaldo new superfly pendants for $59. The beadwork takes a week and it can be hung on the wall as a piece of Maasai art.

“When a girl gets married, part of her cristiano ronaldo new superfly gifting value is in beads and cows, Joyner says. “She would wear 10 to 15 necklaces stacked on each other,

Jessi organic cotton Tshirt, designed by eTalk correspondent Jessi Cruickshank, of The Hills After cheap hypervenom with sock Show and ambassador for Free The Children. It is oneshoulder, her trademark look. Available in black and white for $44.50. With every Tshirt cheap hypervenom with sock purchased, a tree is planted in Kenya, part of “buy a tee, plant a tree” promotion.

Clutch bag, this season’s must have. A recycled denim version is $79; suede and leather are $124.99. The lining is made from cotton kanga cloth and the clasps are handbeaded cheap hypervenom with sock.