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Olympic Gold Medalist Alex Morgan on Abs

Cheap nike soccer cleats you’re an international soccer cleats online sports celebrity with a gold medal and a Sports Illustrated photo shoot under your belt. What are your career goals both inside and outside cheap nike soccer cleats of soccer?

“Our next goal is to win the World Cup in 2015, she says. “That’s already on our radar, After losing to Japan in the 2011 World Cup and settling for silver, Morgan says next time, “we want to come out with gold,

Outside of soccer, the gold medalist says she’s soccer cleats online interested in fashion and wants to “dip her toes” into more things. Specifically, she’s interested in creating a line of sweatproof sunscreen and mascara for professional athletes. But as for right now, “I’m starting small, she says. “I’m just enjoying Fashion Week right now, dressing up, having fun and putting my cleats away for a week or so, Fair enough!

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What inspired your interest in creating a beauty and skincare line?

“I like to dress up and wear makeup sometimes, but “there’s not that many products out there for professional athletes, Most professional athletes work out two or three times a day, and Morgan thinks that sweatproof beauty and skincare products would make their lives a bit easier.

Do you wear makeup during soccer matches?

“I mostly wear mascara, that’s about it, Morgan says she likes to keep her makeup minimal because “it’s not good for your skin to be wearing so much makeup and sweating it off,

Speaking of sweat, how do you get those abs?

“My secret for my abs is to eat healthy, drink lots of water and do a lot cheap nike soccer cleats of cardio, Morgan explains. “It’s not always doing 500 crunches it’s getting the cardio in and getting your heart rate up. I probably run around four to six miles a day,

What’s your favorite indulgence?

“I’m from California, so I’d have to say I love a good InNOut burger,

Another Sports Illustrated model comes to mind when we think of burgers. Have you met Kate Upton?

“I went to Vegas for a Sports Illustrated release of the magazine and I met Kate cheap nike soccer cleats Upton and some of the other girls, Morgan says. “Kate Upton is really sweet. She’s pretty young and she kind of became a celebrity overnight with Sports Illustrated, she adds. “But she’s really sweet,

After seeing your Sports Illustrated body paint photo, we know there’s another modeling gig down the line. Can you tell us what your next one is?

“I’m walking in a fashion show on Tuesday [for 2012 Fashion Week], so it’ll be my first fashion show, she reveals. “It’s for ‘Just Dance 4,’ the video game. It’s become so popular that they’ve collaborated with an upcoming designer to have a runway show, And no, Morgan hasn’t practiced her runway strut yet, but “I’m sure that I will be in my hotel room this weekend, cheap nike soccer cleats.