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Emerging Styles in Tennis Bags for Women

Cheap nike magista with sock it is incredible how much the marketplace for tennis bags for women has matured over the years. So much so, that several companies like 40 Love Courture make nothing but women’s tennis bags and accessories. Within this niche market, the variety in styles is wide enough that there is something for any taste. The selection includes totes, backpacks, slings and trolley bags with designs from subdued solids to flamboyant patterns reminiscent of the stage background from nike tiempo vii fg Rowan and Martin’s LaughIn.

One of the most popular trends in today’s fashion world is the zebra striped pattern. In fact, a recent web search on the term ‘zebra stripe patterns’ returns over 11 million results! Such a large volume suggests that the style is so popular it transcends the women’s tennis bag marketplace, with overwhelmingly more product and apparel lines using zebra stripes outside the tennis industry than within it.

Many leading makers of tennis bags for women either specifically use zebra stripe patterns or come pretty close. 40 Love Courture and Jet make tennis totes and a backpacks that feature zebra stripes. Whak Sak’s various Money Honey bags do not refer to their patterns as zebra striped, but the curved black and white stripes bear a strong resemblance.

An interesting irony when it comes to zebra stripes is that the original users of the pattern, the zebras themselves, use these markings as camouflage. Unlike some fashionminded women who buy zebra striped bags because they want to get noticed, these wild equines want to not get noticed, because such attention could mean ending up as the next meal for a lion or hyena.

Women and reptiles usually do not go well together. The image of a boy bringing a snake or lizard to school for show and tell and terrorizing all the screaming girls in the classroom is a classic American stereotype, one that still probably rings true for many young ladies. Young men who did not have the means to acquire the live versions of these cheap nike magista with sock cold blooded creatures still got similar results with rubber or plastic equivalents.

So while actual or replica reptiles are enough to send most young ladies scurrying for cover, products that use the skin pattern of these same repugnant creatures, such as tennis bags for women, are considered highly fashionable. Go figure. You will find many bags with ‘croc’ or ‘reptilian’ patterns from makers like Jet, 40 Love Courture or Whak Sak.

The market for tennis bags for women has grown to a level so significant that several vendors offer few, if cheap nike magista with sock any other products. Although it would seem that certain styles of bags would not be in high demand by women, the opposite has turned out to be the case. It’s a sign of a mature market when what used to be a specialty item has now become a sustainable market. Just nike tiempo vii fg as Billy cheap nike magista with sock Jean King paved the way for women in the competitive world of tennis, vendors specializing in stylish bag designs have paved the way for women in the fashion world of tennis cheap nike magista with sock.