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Judith Albright MA

New soccer cleats coming out when I was younger I naively believed that life progressed in a straightforward linearly fashion. I truly believed that, just like wine, relationships only got better with age; that each job would be better and pay more money than the last; that I had all the time in the world, and that l was in perfect control of my life. But “life” had different ideas. Isn’t that what John Lennon said? “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans,

Over the years my life took all sorts of interesting twists and turns, certainly not in a straight line or all of them forward. Things like cheap hypervenom cleats divorce, death of family members, job cheap hypervenom cleats losses, health problems and family issues all surfaced and had to be addressed. I spent new soccer cleats coming out years in corporate America holding down a series of jobs, some of which I loathed and some I barely tolerated. A few even came close to being fun and fulfilling, but somehow the jobs I really liked came to an end, mostly for reasons beyond my control. Either the company sold, closed down, or circumstances changed to the point where I became restless, dissatisfied and needed to move on. Looking back, I realize I spent a lot of years on “sinking ships, forcing me to reinvent myself more than once.

My formal education includes a BFA from the University of Denver, an MA from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and additional graduate work at the University of Phoenix. My work experience includes both teaching at the community college level, professional cheap hypervenom cleats writing, and a long career in corporate America where the focus of my life was quite different. Back then it would never have occurred to me that one day I would be able to help people with EFT, PSYCHK and The Emotion Code, which did not even exist at the time.

For the past seven years I have had a private practice in Ft. Collins, CO that focuses on teaching others how to manage stress and overcome the obstacles in their lives. It is through my experience working new soccer cleats coming out with my clients that I have seen (and continue to see) the results of living an unhappy and unfulfilled life, ultimately our greatest source of stress. Countless people feel stuck and dissatisfied, often with little or no idea about what they truly want or how to get it. Seeing so many of them in my practice is what inspired me to create my selfpaced course entitled Taking Control: How to Overcome Limitations and Create a Limitless Life. Since I have been through this journey myself and have helped many others do the same, I feel strongly inspired to share what I have learned with all those who truly want to create and start living a different and more fulfilling life. The course includes 3 hours of one on one consultation with Judith Albright, unlimited email new soccer cleats coming out access to Judigh and monthly interactive teleclasses new soccer cleats coming out.