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CCTV camera films mystery ball of light at Carlisle community centre

Awesome soccer cleats for years, there have been stories of a possible haunting at Carlisle Greystone Community Centre.

Some people now believe there is powerful evidence that this popular Close Street centre, built at the nike soccer outlet site of a former girls school, may be attracting a visitor from beyond the grave.

Suddenly, a large glowing ball of light appears, its pulsing slightly as it travels inexplicably along the corridor before turning sharply upwards and towards the centre main entrance. Manager Gareth Weber, 39, who has worked there for 15 years, described what happened.

was sitting at my desk in the office, working, when I heard a bang, which is not unusual here, he said. could have sworn that I heard somebody walking past my door, but as far as I knew I was the only person who was in the building.

left the office, checked the entrance of the building, and then the corridor next to my office, and there was nobody around. So I went back to the office and checked the CCTV. That when I saw this light. incident, earlier this month, has got everybody talking and has now been posted on Facebook. Some people have suggested the light may be a spectral the earthly manifestation of a spirit.

Gareth said the engineer who installed the CCTV camera had checked it, and insists there is no fault with it nor any logical explanation.

assured me there nothing wrong with camera. He had no explanation, said Mr Weber.

usually sceptical. But there no doubt that this is an old building, and the corridor where this light was used to be part of the girls part of the old Brook Street School. There was talk that it nike soccer outlet was haunted by an old awesome soccer cleats music teacher who worked there. They say he has occasionally rang the school bell, which we still have.

people have commented that it could be the late Colin Paisley, who died a few months ago and was very involved in the centre and was vice president here.

The community centre last awesome soccer cleats year attracted 31,000 visitors.

The light is clearly a spiritual orb, but these phenomenon are only associated with a spirit in transit at the time of death, and not with haunting. They are also associated with people and not places, and as Gareth Weber was alone in the building at the time it appeared, he must be the person the spirit was trying to contact. The dying person need not even be on the same continent, let alone in Carlisle. These sightings were just taken for granted when people passed away before the invention of electrical light. Doors frequently bang, pictures fall off walls, and glasses shatter at the awesome soccer cleats same time as these orbs appear. They are less likely if relatives are present at the bedside at the time of death, more likely if the death happens alone or is traumatic awesome soccer cleats.