Five Elements of A Successful Korean fashion Combination

Five Elements of A Successful Korean fashion Combination

Cr7 shoes kids all in the face of the Mall “someone nike hypervenom new” sisters began “the corner, But before you spend money, or a firstcome, give the firstlook at this year autumn and winter korean fashion elements, because this can make your own “no blind, in order to more eyecatching,

1. Design your waist and highlight the female charming

Female gentle temperament highlight of lumbar style will be keeping hot this season, whether it is cropped on the lumbar belt or caused by the waist, is to create beautiful curves for asian fashion women. And putting on your waist dress will look more feminine.

On behalf of the brands: Burberry (Burberry), Versace (Gianni Versace)

Elements: belt, contract your waist

Suitable crowds: cr7 shoes kids skilful professional women

2. Wear Plaid Shirt and return to the country

Due to the cr7 shoes kids country style in this year autumn and winter, take a look at the mall that suddenly busy Plaid Shirt and you will know. You can cap, pedal ranked neatly in the Hall imagined himself into an energetic cowboy; or you can tie a loose braids with pets in the Sun on the lawn. so occasionally in the wardrobe to purchase several villages temperament clothes is necessary.

On behalf of the brands: D shanbenyao Division

Elements: coarse wool, lattice, nike hypervenom up give up style, but cr7 shoes kids it will let you to fall in love with the dress. The simpler the more classic!

On behalf of the brands: Ferragamo (feilagemu), YSL (shengluolan)

Elements: solid,accessories for the crowd, zero accessaries

Suitable crowds: stylish neutral style lovers

5. Ethnic elements remain large heat

While the national wind has blown a few quarters, but because of the winter can play an important role, it was still shown in autumn and winter of this year a lot of design. Colorful printing, fine embroidery and leather texture of the pretty. we still have a lot of lively elements can use, you only need a little bit of vivid embellishment, your image will be sharp.

Strongly recommend leather texture of the tassels, slightly swing to stop jumping leisure can sexier, and wildcard, such items, you deserve to have one cr7 shoes kids.