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Following a path in a smooth fashion

Kids nike superfly boots indoor cr7 shoes towers cannot block the path and path finding is not the problem I am trying to solve).

I am trying to figure how exactly to make units follow this lane in a smooth way. I have two rough ideas about how to do this, but I would love some input on which is likely to be easier to implement/the more standard technique. Units would then use a basic “seek” steering algorithm (such as this one) to move to each waypoint along the path in succession. However, I have wondered if it might be hard to keep the units from deviating to much from the lane I want them to follow. I wonder if inability to turn sharply enough might cause them to sort of “glide” out off of the desired lane. I suppose I might be able to prevent that though by allowing for a relatively strong steering force to be applied?The second solution I have considered is to define the path with a bezier curve and at each time step calculate the point along the curve with is (dt speed) away from the unit’s current location. I suspect that this technique would make it much easier to precisely define the path that units will follow, but I don’t know know how exactly to go about implementing this. Any suggestions?

Also, I don’t this will change anyone’s answers, but units also must be able to travel at a constant speed along the path. Additionally, I am programming this game in python using the pyglet framework.

The idea of Reynolds’ paper is that you can use simple forces that combine to produce lifelike, improvisational navigation around the environment. The movements are not based on path planning or global calculations, but instead use local information, such as neighbors’ forces, which makes them simple to understand and implement, but still produces very complex movement patterns.

The beauty of indoor cr7 shoes the approach is that you can combine several of the behaviors together. So, for example, your characters may have both a pathfinding behavior as well as a separation behavior (to keep them from clumping too much), which can be combined as a weighted sum.

UPDATE: I took a look at Kingdom Rush, and I think I may have misunderstood what you meant by “smoothly, I took it to mean more lifelike, but I think what you’re after is more like the characters are on a train track. Also, reading more carefully, I see that one of your requirements is that “units must be able to travel at a constant speed along the path, Steering behaviors is not going to give you a constant speed of movement, indoor cr7 shoes but simple pathfinding combined with waypoints will.

The solution in this Gamasutra article may be what you’re looking for. The basic idea is to cast rays to a waypoint that is two steps indoor kids nike superfly boots cr7 shoes ahead of your kids nike superfly boots current waypoint “stepping” the ray a fraction of a cell’s length and at each “stepping” of the ray checking to see if your player’s collision volume collides with anything at the stepped position of the ray. If the ray gets all the way to the waypoint that’s two steps ahead, then you can get rid of the intermediary waypoint indoor cr7 shoes.