nike hypervenom phantom iii Expecting after IVF

Expecting after IVF

Nike hypervenom studs nike hypervenom phantom iii i don’t know a single person my size (6’0 and size 18) so I know I won’t get hand me down clothes. Since I’m a hard size to fit, I’m not planning on purchasing maternity clothes either.

I wear a lot of dresses so for the past nike hypervenom phantom iii couple of years I have been buying empire waist dresses, strech knit, or wrap dresses planning for a time when I will get bigger. I’ve only purchased a few fitted things knowing they will go to the back of the closet when the time comes.

I’m still in some of my regular clothes but they are quickly becoming uncomfortable. I hope to last another two weeks in them. I’m lucky that I have two sisters that went through pregnancy before me so I have some clothes from them. I certainly don’t think that anyone is expecting me to be SJP these days. I think leggings and dresses are going to be my look this fall/winter. Thank god I’m not pregnant during the summer.

When I was pregnant with my son, I nike hypervenom phantom iii thought I’d be able to wear regular pants almost the whole pregnancy, and just button them below my bumpboy was I wrong. Regular clothes can’t even come close to fitting once you have a serious baby bump going on. There might be some dresses and tops that can fit you for awhile, but your waist will get so big and then be totally nonexistant, maternity clothes (at least pants!) will be a must. I wore regular pants with a bella band on top until I was about 20 weeks with my first pregnancy, and then had to go to maternity pants full time. By the end, some of the maternity tops I had bought didn’t even cover my whole belly! It really is crazy how much your body changes. Here’s hoping we all get to experienc this in a few months,

I thought about buying some shirts the other day at Kohls, they were 50% off, and i had a 30% coupon too, but i just couldn’t do it. not yet. I want to get further along and confirm at least one more time. even thought ive read that once there is a heartbeat around 8 weeks, your chance of a miscarriage is about 4%. And in all honesty i dont need the clothing yet. My OHSS is olmost gone and things still fit about the nike hypervenom phantom iii same. I just try not to wear any fitted shirts just yet, not until we announce!

My favorite pair of jeans got hole in them about a month ago, so I had to invest in a new pair. I bought a size too big in the hopes that I would be getting knocked up soon and would be able to wear them for a while at least in the beginning. They are pretty comfy around the waist still, but baggy everywhere else! Oh well, I guess they will work for after baby too. I can’t wait to buy maternity clothes, I am itching to get some things for fall, but know I will not be able to fit into most of it soon. Can’t wait to have a bump. Right now I just feel chubby. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional. Please review the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use before using this site. Your use of the site indicates your agreement to be bound by nike hypervenom studs the Terms of Use nike hypervenom phantom iii.

magistax turf FilesAnywhere Announces Unlimited

FilesAnywhere Announces Unlimited

New nike soccer shoes 2017 dallas Sep. This new addin permits users to email file attachments directly from Outlook with no upper size limit. Since no files are stored on the email server, recipients of emails benefit by new nike soccer shoes 2017 being able to view the files immediately online, without waiting for a download. This new file delivery method is available to all FilesAnywhere users, including free 1GB storage accounts.

FilesAnywhere’s Attach Link adds value to businesses, saving on email storage costs and conserving valuable resources on email servers. It offloads the file storage to FilesAnywhere, instead of embedding files within email messages. FilesAnywhere magistax turf received praise from Fortune 500(R) customers who used the beta version last month.

“Attach Link really increases our satisfaction with FilesAnywhere, says Matthew Petrich, Director of Legal Business Solutions at Duff Phelps in Chicago, “Attach Link has given our staff a simple, effective file delivery solution that works extremely well. The transfer performance is excellent and the interface for viewing the sent documents really appeals to the email recipient, especially since no setup is required to view and download the files. This really solves the problem of needing to get large documents to clients in a timely fashion,

The new “Attach File Link” button is added to the main toolbar in Outlook.

Attaching multiple files of unlimited size is just as easy to use as regular file attachments. Emails sent using Attach Link contain a web link to the actual files, which are hosted securely on FilesAnywhere, instead of being included inside the email message. This creates a solution for standard email attachments, which normally get rejected because of the large size, and can clog up email servers.

Sending and receiving files also new nike soccer shoes 2017 is enhanced as follows:

Recipients can download files or view file content directly online, compatible with all image file formats and popular file formats;

FilesAnywhere tracks when files are actually viewed or downloaded;

Senders receive reliable confirmations instead of readreceipts, which are unreliable;

Senders can passwordprotect the file link, and all file transfers are done over a secure connection, solving another problem traditional email is normally not secure.

Another advantage of this hosted file delivery method is that you can update files in realtime on FilesAnywhere, so recipients always have access to the updated files, even after the magistax turf email is sent. Advanced options include: an expiration date, access limits, a custom watermark on image pages, and a downloadable file history log. The company is based in Dallas, Texas and is owned in part by Internet entrepreneur Mark Cuban.

(C)2007 Officeware Corporation. FilesAnywhere(TM) is a trademark of Officeware Corporation. Outlook(R) is new nike soccer shoes 2017 a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. Fortune 500(R) is a registered trademark of Time Inc. iPhone(TM) is a trademark of Apple Inc, and Mac(R) is a registered trademark of Apple Inc new nike soccer shoes 2017.

Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG High Top Soccer Cleats White Black Red Store Game characters to get authentically rumpled clothes

Game characters to get authentically rumpled clothes

Cr7 shoes buy computer game developers use sophisticated algorithms to inject real physics into virtual worlds painstakingly mimicking the way that light reflects off objects, for instance. But there’s something unrealistic about the citizens of those virtual worlds: their clothes barely register a crease or crumple, no matter how much running and jumping they perform. That could soon change, thanks to software which ensures that a game character’s clothes ripple and ruffle realistically as the action unfolds.

Carsten Stoll of the Max Planck Institute for Informatics in Saarbrcken, Germany, and his colleagues began by generating a 3D laser scan of an actor in costume, and manually added a simple virtual skeleton. Next, the team recorded video footage of the actor moving, and uploaded it into a program that tracks the actor’s silhouette through each frame. By comparing the 3D scan with the sequence of silhouettes, the software identifies which parts of the actor’s outline deform most freely, indicating that they are covered in loose cloth.

The software then calculates how the actor’s virtual skeleton beneath the clothes moves through the sequence, and analyses how cr7 shoes buy it collides with the clothing. Lastly, it applies that information to a second skeleton, which has been designed new cristiano ronaldo shoes to be easily controlled and animated. When the animator manipulates the virtual double to act out new sequences not performed by the real actor, its costume moves and crumples realistically. “If the double is wearing a chiffon skirt in the original sequence, it will swish realistically in all of the new sequences too, says Stoll.

New technology doesn’t necessarily have immediate applications. Commercial cr7 shoes buy application is always the primary drive to such innovations. Developing graphics technology for video games has now given us immense processing ability utilising GPU’s.

Just as F1 racing has provided cr7 shoes buy advances in not only the automotive industry but also materials research, for example.

And a mathematician who discovers a proof, rarely has an understanding of how this can be applied.

The great thing about science and technology [especially in keeping information OPEN] is that it can be applied to such a broad spectrum of problems and products.

F1 racing does not produce significant advances, for the excellent reason that their new cristiano ronaldo shoes regulations do the utmost to stifle all significant innovation.

The weight limits, engine type and layout, vehicle geometry, and countless other factors are rigidly fixed by the rules to prevent innovation and change. In the rare instances when the engineers manage to slip some unexpected improvement through the red tape, the rules are immediately (within the same racing season, usually) extended to ban this advancement.

Another instance is the famous Brabham fancar, which used innovative active ground effect to improve traction (see (long URL click here) ). Quote: “The concept was declared illegal by the FIA before the car could race again, cr7 shoes buy.

Nike Mercurial Superfly V CR7 Champions FG High Top Soccer Cleats Red Gold White Fashion Faux Pas

Fashion Faux Pas

Ankle soccer cleats Henri B. Stendhal

A fashion faux pas is best described as a blunder or error in style judgment. Historically, there are entire eras that can be considered one big, long fashion faux pas. In the 17th century, for example, men wore breeches and stockings, ridiculously large lace collars, ostentatious hats decorated with ostrich plumes, and favored long hair that evolved into elaborate, powdered white wigs by the 18th century. The 1930s ushered in the zoot suit, a comical twopiece ensemble in which the pants rose almost to the armpits.

More recently, in the late 1970s, highwaisted plaid cheap cr7 shoes bell bottoms and paleblue polyester tuxedos and leisure suits made their way into the fashion hall of shame. Then there were the ’80s. Nearly a complete tragedy where fashion is concerned, the ’80s brought us jackets with shoulders so broad they made men appear disproportional with a bricklike physique. DayGlo colors, parachute pants and permission to overdose on hair products can also be counted among the other ankle soccer cleats fashion crimes of this decade. ankle soccer cleats Though history tends to repeat itself and even the most heinous fashion faux pas can come back in vogue, if there s one lesson to learn from past style transgressions it s that just because something is trendy, it doesn t mean it s not horribly, terribly wrong.

on AM In the fickle world of the entertainment industry where celebrities hire stylists to assist them in their selections, a misstep in the style department can land a star on the worst dressed list. In the real world, we all make a fashion faux pas here and there, and men may be especially at risk to do so given ankle soccer cleats that we tend to shop alone and receive less input on our appearances compared to women. While the fashion police won t lock you up for sporting an ugly outfit in public, your style credibility will suffer in the short term.

Fortunately, we re here to ensure you put your best foot forward, stylistically speaking, as often as possible. Turn to us to find out about the most common fashion faux pas perpetrated by men and how you cheap cr7 shoes can correct these glitches in your wardrobe. As well, shop smart and avoid becoming a fashion victim by browsing our articles on which trends to avoid each season. In short, think of us as your own personal stylist committed to helping you steer clear of awkward fashion moments. And the best part, of course, is that we re free.

Fact Undoubtedly one of the most atrocious fashion faux pas ever committed, wig wearing for men came about when King Louis XIII of France commissioned a hair piece for himself in order to hide his balding head from the court of Versailles.

A few decades later, Louis XIV, the follicularchallenged son of Louis XIII, took the trend to new heights with his belief that large, wellgroomed hair represented strength and power. Without hair gel and other modern concoctions, elaborate wigs proved much easier to use than maintaining the intricate styles of the era ankle soccer cleats.

Kids Nike Hypervenom Phantom III 3 DF FG Cleats Electric Green Black Hyper Orange Fashion choices are not blind bets for most players

Fashion choices are not blind bets for most players

Nike youth hypervenom nike tiempo range by Julie Ward, USA TODAY

Many top poker players in the World Series of Poker are linked to what they wear. Doyle Brunson is the guy wearing a 10gallon hat. Phil Hellmuth prefers a baseball cap. A hooded sweatshirt provides Phil Laak, nike tiempo range aka “The Unabomber, with his signature look. Some players opt for casual attire, but others, such as Marcel Luske, go for the more formal look. Luske says wearing a suit is his way of elevating the game. For all, the ultimate accessory is the champion’s jeweled gold bracelet. USA TODAY’s Julie Ward looks at who wears what at the World Series of Poker heading into the main event the Nolimit Texas Hold’em championship, which starts Friday in Las Vegas:

Favorites: bright colors and opts for Versace silk shirts worn with Versace slacks. Says colorful shirts make him feel lucky, especially his favorite designed in orange, black and white.

Under the table: Gucci loafers and no socks.

Also: imperial jade. For luck he carries a jade clown bought in Hong Kong.Robert Williamson III:WSOP winnings: (one bracelet)Fashion statement: definitely pick things that are stylish, and I try to look good at all times. I mean, comfort is definitely taken into consideration. But luckily because I was in business prior to poker, I’m comfortable wearing jackets, sports coats and looking good,

Favorites: custom leather sports coats, one bright burgundy. Also, a bright blue silk sports jacket.

Under the table: socks a must, the more outrageous (think pink) the better. Slips on ostrich loafers when wearing slacks and PF Flyers with jeans.

Also: Williamson is working on a poker and gamblingrelated jewelry line inspired by the pokerrelated cufflinks she has been designing for her husband.

Cycalona (Clonie) Gowen:

WSOP winnings: (2003 World Poker Tour Ladies’ Night winner)

Fashion statement: game is about focus and paying attention to the subtleties of the game. If you’re thinking that your pants are too tight or your top is too low, then that will definitely play into the game,

Favorites: jeans (including Frankie B, True Religion). Owns about 65 pairs.

Under the table: shoes go with an nike tiempo range outfit flat sandals, tennis shoes, high heels.

Also: have never worn anything to distract opponents. That’s an old wives’ tale, to be honest. Women aren’t going to change nike tiempo range the way they dress just because they are playing poker,

Jamie Gold:

WSOP winnings: nike youth hypervenom (one bracelet, 2006 Main Event champion)

Fashion statement: like to be comfortable. It’s standard for what I wear anytime, not just playing poker. I usually just wear jeans, a shirt, really comfortable shoes and a baseball hat. I’ve been doing that for 20 years,

Favorite outfit: a comfortable longsleeved black shirt, a black ball cap with the logo of nike youth hypervenom his TV production company, Buzznation.

Under the table: shoes.

Also: don’t wear sunglasses usually. I like to see other peoples’ eyes. It’s not about hiding my eyes as much as I really like to look at other peoples’ eyes, nike tiempo range.

Kids Nike Mercurial Superfly V SX Neymar AG Soccer Cleats Blue Orbit White Armory Navy Glock 26 Buy Wholesale

Glock 26 Buy Wholesale

Soccer cleat deals jewelry Wholesale: Watch Or Precious Or Jewelry Wholesaler Or Distributor OmegaAnd to consumers as well. On the other hand you may be a merchant interested to be a dropship distributor and promote your products through an efficient drop ship program. Drop shippers will take care of those problems. Security Measures Despite all the fears of identity theft, online nike superfly 5 for kids transactions account for less than 4% of identity theft. There are numerous software programs available (some for free) that the user can download to protect themselves from viruses and spyware. The people who make the directories police the listings so you can be fairly comfortable that you will not get burned.

You see manufacturers have their hands quite full just manufacturing their products. Drop shipping allowed companies to have people selling their products by distributing their catalogs knocking on doors and recommending their products to friends family and neighbors. There are 5 main areas of research that can be used to increase your level of success when starting online business ventures such as a drop shipping internet business including: researching niche areas researching keywords research for products and suppliers research for good mentors/forums and researching for good hosting. 3. Produce large number brochure prints with high quality. Just imagine the difference in earnings possible with genuine Hershey products! Stumped when it comes to finding a wholesale supplier? It’s tough trying to find the prices you need to make a profit online let alone negotiate the pitfalls of quality and authenticity.

B2b New Age Jewelry Below Wholesale925 sterling silver jewelry to sterling silver jewelry making supplies like French wires fasteners and findings. soccer cleat deals Keep track of the time and materials that go into each piece of soccer cleat deals jewelry you make and be sure that you price them accordingly. This means that your business makes $15 on a jar of facial cream that cost you nike superfly 5 for kids $5. See more at Swarovsky Crystal Beads I was a cartoonist (still am) and founder of Londons Times Cartoons.

Turtle Fashion Jewelry Wholesale

Traditional body jewelry like bracelets earrings anniversary bands finger rings nike superfly 5 for kids pendants and necklaces continue to be popular. A current in fashion trends moves wholesale jewelry to a new level. People of all ages from the teenagers to the middle aged housewives are going all the way for this new line of ornaments. Get more info at Wholesale Fashion Jewelry It can be a very lucrative business especially for someone who is creative and can effectively market the jewelry.

Iowa Callender Wholesale Body Jewelry

Having a whole sale business is not for everyone. A necessary evil if you ask me for sure but a fun one indeed. Today, I thought I would go over some information about gold. Have you ever wondered exactly what 14k means? If you are in the market for soccer cleat deals a great loose diamonds and low prices then you need not look any further than our wholesale diamond section soccer cleat deals.

Kids Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 V FG Cleats Cool Grey Metallic Hematite Wolf Grey Following a path in a smooth fashion

Following a path in a smooth fashion

Kids nike superfly boots indoor cr7 shoes towers cannot block the path and path finding is not the problem I am trying to solve).

I am trying to figure how exactly to make units follow this lane in a smooth way. I have two rough ideas about how to do this, but I would love some input on which is likely to be easier to implement/the more standard technique. Units would then use a basic “seek” steering algorithm (such as this one) to move to each waypoint along the path in succession. However, I have wondered if it might be hard to keep the units from deviating to much from the lane I want them to follow. I wonder if inability to turn sharply enough might cause them to sort of “glide” out off of the desired lane. I suppose I might be able to prevent that though by allowing for a relatively strong steering force to be applied?The second solution I have considered is to define the path with a bezier curve and at each time step calculate the point along the curve with is (dt speed) away from the unit’s current location. I suspect that this technique would make it much easier to precisely define the path that units will follow, but I don’t know know how exactly to go about implementing this. Any suggestions?

Also, I don’t this will change anyone’s answers, but units also must be able to travel at a constant speed along the path. Additionally, I am programming this game in python using the pyglet framework.

The idea of Reynolds’ paper is that you can use simple forces that combine to produce lifelike, improvisational navigation around the environment. The movements are not based on path planning or global calculations, but instead use local information, such as neighbors’ forces, which makes them simple to understand and implement, but still produces very complex movement patterns.

The beauty of indoor cr7 shoes the approach is that you can combine several of the behaviors together. So, for example, your characters may have both a pathfinding behavior as well as a separation behavior (to keep them from clumping too much), which can be combined as a weighted sum.

UPDATE: I took a look at Kingdom Rush, and I think I may have misunderstood what you meant by “smoothly, I took it to mean more lifelike, but I think what you’re after is more like the characters are on a train track. Also, reading more carefully, I see that one of your requirements is that “units must be able to travel at a constant speed along the path, Steering behaviors is not going to give you a constant speed of movement, indoor cr7 shoes but simple pathfinding combined with waypoints will.

The solution in this Gamasutra article may be what you’re looking for. The basic idea is to cast rays to a waypoint that is two steps indoor kids nike superfly boots cr7 shoes ahead of your kids nike superfly boots current waypoint “stepping” the ray a fraction of a cell’s length and at each “stepping” of the ray checking to see if your player’s collision volume collides with anything at the stepped position of the ray. If the ray gets all the way to the waypoint that’s two steps ahead, then you can get rid of the intermediary waypoint indoor cr7 shoes.

Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG High Top Soccer Cleats Blue Black Site Dress For Swing Dancing

Dress For Swing Dancing

Soccer cleats for cheap 1. Wear American Sportswear Chic

World War II greatly influenced styles of the 1940s and changed fashion forever. The fashions of the forties soccer cleats for cheap and fifties still influence swing dancing outfits of today. With American fashion designers of the fortiess cut off from major fashion capitals, such as Paris, they attempted to design innovative American clothing. Losing their collective way without Paris to lead them, American designers began to focus on sportswear. became known as the sportswear capital of the world. clothing manufactures had to find substitute fabrics; hence, rayon manufacturing grew. By the time the fifties came around, American fashion had changed for good. Next came the superfly 5 soccer cleats poodle skirts and bobby socks. These styles of clothing are used for swing dancing. Dress for swing dancing by looking in vintage stores soccer cleats for cheap for costumes.

Besides raiding your mother’s, grandmother’s or even great grandmother’s closet or attic to dress for swing dancing, you can buy swing dance wear through some dance stores and costume stores. Halloween costume shops often have period dress for swing dancing. Also, shop at auction online superfly 5 soccer cleats stores. You may have to get creative with key words and not rely on the word swing only. Dress for swing dancing by creating your own outfit. Some modern fashions combined make an appropriate time period look.

3. Don Threads From Local StoresConsider Halloween costume shops, regular costume shops and dance shops as places to find the perfect outfit to dress for swing dancing. Be sure to check out brick and mortar stores locally as well as online stores, such as Halloween Costume Sale. Dance stores, such as Capezio, offer both local shopping and online shopping. Besides vintage stores, you can find something to wear for swing dancing by shopping at charitable organizations like Goodwill.

4. Try on Snazzy Outfits

Swing skirts are popular for women wanting to dress for swing dancing. Anything full with polka dots will work. The idea is for a woman’s skirt or dress to flare out when she spins. Poodle skirts are common. A plain closely fitting short sleeved sweater or blouse can be worn with swing skirts. Dresses that reflect the time period of swing’s birth are also appropriate. Also, a scarf can be tied around a woman’s neck for an accessory, and don’t forget to wear swing shoes that go with your outfit. Swing shoes come in various styles, so match them up with your overall costume theme. Men can wear period clothing too, such as older style jeans, a white Tshirt and a vest or something less casual. Men’s swing shoes really help set the theme. Other accessories like period sunglasses add to costumes of both men and women. It should not be used as a substitute for soccer cleats for cheap professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. LIVESTRONG is a registered trademark of the LIVESTRONG Foundation. Moreover, we do not select every advertiser or advertisement that appears on the web sitemany of the advertisements are served by third party advertising companies soccer cleats for cheap.

hypervenomx turf good old fashion hamberger

good old fashion hamberger

Hypervenomx turf fox creek does have pretty good food the wife and me used to go in there and enjoy a meal and watch the big screen tv but the superfly mercurial cheap last time we were in there the tv got turned over from country music to obamas inaguration that was a slap in the face to a veteran and they will never see me in there again.

What I hate to see is a disrespectful vet who claims to love America but is a disgrace to our nations armed forces. The respect for the office of the President, Congress, the Constitution and the Supreme Court are the cornerstones of our society that set us apart from the lawlessness of many nations on earth. I don’t particularly like President Obama but he is the duly elected President of the United States and it is the disrespect for our system of government that is the biggest threat to hypervenomx turf this country. You should be ashamed of yourself. You are perfectly welcome to dislike your President’s actions however you owe your respect to the Office of the Presidency.

fox creek does have pretty good food the wife and me used to go in there and enjoy a meal and watch the big screen tv hypervenomx turf but the last time we were in there the tv got turned over from country music to obamas inaguration that was a slap in the face to a veteran and they will never see me in there again.

Too bad you didn’t have the balls to speak up when Bush got us hypervenomx turf involved in a war that has cost thousands of lives and billions of dollars all in the name of his families oil companies. You’re probably one of those don’t ask don’t tell pound your buddy in the but veterans. Why don’t you grow a set. Loser,

Too bad you didn’t have the balls to speak up when Bush got us involved in a war superfly mercurial cheap that has cost thousands of lives and billions of dollars all in the name of his families oil companies. You’re probably one of those don’t ask don’t tell pound your buddy in the but veterans. Why don’t you grow a set. Loser,

I am pretty sure that I have proved many times that I have balls I have served in five comflicts the last one Iraq o6 thu 07 I don’t think a woman like you would know anything about balls anyway but one thing is for sure I make my money and I will spend it where I want to and it won’t be at fox cheek. You should have left the tv alone dumb a$$.

Where did he make a racist comment? I don’t like Obama either. It has nothing to do with his superfly mercurial cheap race. It is his politics I have issue with.

That is exactly how I feel. Since when is it racist to say you don’t like or agree with someone, So sick of the stinking race card being pulled constantly over everything, Just because you are not white, that means everything that comes out of your mouth is great, and I should go along with it because if I don’t I’m a racist, Nah, don’t think so.

And shame on you people who spoke so profanely and disrespectfully to a vet. Someone doesn’t agree with you so you insult him, curse at him, and call him a racist. Very childish behavior hypervenomx turf.

hypervenom phelon iii ic Dress Up For Halloween

Dress Up For Halloween

Hypervenom phelon iii ic chances are, if you’re reading this, hypervenom phelon iii ic you probably want to go to a Halloween party (or at least try to get some free candy), and you need a costume. Complain all you want, but there’s nothing lamer than showing up to a Halloween party without one. And don’t even try any of that, “I’m going as myself” crap.

Even if you’re totally wild for Halloween, sometimes coming up with a cool, original costume can be a challenge. So, we here at AskMen have put together a set of guidelines to help inspire some ideas and narrow down your choices.

Look, no one wants to see what you would look like as a girl; no matter what, it’s going to be scary. You’re going to look terrifying with your hairy legs sticking out of some ridiculous dress your sister wore to the prom last year.

It’s also lazy costuming. Your friends will know you couldn’t think of anything soccer supplies more creative, so you just grabbed the first and most ridiculous thing you could think of: a dress. Please. It’s been done a hundred times and not once has anyone ever enjoyed it.

Lastly, if, for some horrible reason, you do look good in a dress, well, that’s great, but showing it off hypervenom phelon iii ic on Halloween isn’t the right time or place.

2 Dress up hypervenom phelon iii ic as a group

There’s nothing like rolling up to a party five dudes deep looking like you’re all part of some crazy Halloween gang. You don’t even have to all go as something specific, like a band or group of movie characters, but if you and your friends can agree on a common theme, you could all form like Voltron to make a giant robot of a costume.

That’s not to say you and all your friends should dress in the same exact costume, which is totally boring. But in a group, you’re going to have a common foundation from which you can concentrate, giving your costume some unique and interesting details. Plus, hit up people in your group for stuff for your costume. Who needs the Halloween store when you have friends?

3 Don be afraid to dress subdued

No one says you have to soccer supplies go ballstothewall elaborate for Halloween. Sometimes a cool mask or some creative face paint combined with some formal wear more than gets the job done. It can be a good way to stand out when everyone else looks overthetop crazy. Best of all, costumes like these are totally flexible and can have countless variations.

In fact, a nice suit alone could work perfectly if you’re the type of person who’d never be caught dead in one. Defy expectations by doing something unexpected that’s what Halloween is all about.

4 Don get too conceptual

Sure, everyone will be talking about each others’ costumes on Halloween, but that doesn’t mean you want to be stuck all night explaining what you’re supposed to be. An abstract costume, or one that’s merely undercooked, can lead to a truly frustrating evening. So, unless you know for a fact that you can pull it off, you might not want to go as the SATs or your favorite flavor of Doritos hypervenom phelon iii ic.