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dong Avon Calling

Nike cr7 soccer their famous fifties’ “Dingdong, Avon calling, catchphrase may still be fondly repeated decades on but this is one company that is not nike cr7 soccer stuck in the past.

In fact Avon is more popular than ever today, selling more lipstick, nail polish, eye makeup, fragrance and skincare than any other brand in the UK.

Their nike magista pro current cover girl is American Alister Reese Witherspoon (who has also been given the lofty title of “global ambassador”) and one in three women in the UK is an Avon customer.

“With Avon you don’t have to pay for parking or travelling and you don’t have to hunt round the shops, she says. “You can shop in your pyjamas on your bed. It’s cheap, easy and delivered to yourBrimming with genuine enthusiasm, she is an expert on all things Avon and is proud to be the number one Avon “sales representative” (as the company now likes to call them) in her area for the last

two years running.

As a mum of two young children, Tracy, who lives in New Milton, finds life as an Avon lady suits her down to the ground.

The 34yearold can work the hours she chooses and build her business as big as she wants, but still be around to pick nike magista pro her kids up from school every day.

Ambitious and driven, Tracy’s business has grown and grown.

“I started off covering just one road in New Milton. Now I have about 300 customers spreading from as far as Highcliffe and Hordle. I have really worked at it. It doesn’t come easy and you get out

what you put in,

Making commission of roughly 25 per cent on her sales, Tracy estimates she makes somewhere in the region of 23,000 a year.

It may not be a fortune but it pays for Christmas, birthdays nike cr7 soccer and her lovely new garden.

She knows the demand is out there to develop her business even further, but she feels she has got her worklife balance just about right at the moment.

Warm and friendly, the fact that Tracy is very much a “people person” has surely done wonders for her sales.

She even counts many of her clients as friends.

“My motto is to keep my customers happy, they keep me in business, she says.

As well as cosmetics and toiletries, these days Avon sells lines as diverse as lingerie, jewellery and fashion accessories.

“You don’t need to hard sell anything, says Tracy. “The quality and the prices are so good that people are dying to buy the stuff,

While many businesses are struggling in these tough times, the credit crunch is actually bringing a lot of new customers nike cr7 soccer to Avon.

“Some people are buying less but more people are buying. There are people who never bought Avon before, who are switching from a more expensive brand and finding that Avon is even better,

While Avon representatives are typically female, Avon Men do exist. In fact, Tracy knows of one who works in Hythe who is threatening to steal her crown as number one seller.

And she has male customers too.

“There’s one gentleman who buys for his kids and there’s another that gets shaving gel and deodorant. I have heard from a fellow rep about a man who only ever buys women’s underwear and he appears nike cr7 soccer nike magista pro.

Fashion Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG Mens Soccer Cleats Purple Black Red Gender Battles at the Dry Cleaners

Gender Battles at the Dry Cleaners

Nike soccer cleats hypervenom 2017 cristiano ronaldo’s boots i’ve often wondered why my shirts cost double or more to dry clean than my husband’s. Even women’s trousers seem to come with a higher price tag. Finally, someone is investigating this discrepancy. Janet Floyd, president of Floyd Advisory, reports that on average, women in New York pay 73 percent more than men for laundered shirts.

The reason, according to dry cleaners, has to do with the shape of women’s shirts and the machines available. It seems strange that we’ve had no technological innovations that would make it easy to press women’s shirts, given nike soccer cleats hypervenom 2017 the preponderance of women donning suits every day. But Sadie at Jezebel makes a good point about the current economy: Given the fact that dry cleaners are strapped right now, they probably don’t want to spend money investing in new machines, even if they existed.

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Nike Hypervenom Phantom III 3 DF FG Mens Soccer Cleats Grey Black Orange Web From scrubs to new duds

From scrubs to new duds

Cheap hypervenom with sock “we wanted to have a look for nurses at Sick Kids, a look that would be kind of professional, but casual, comfortable and cool. It would be trendy, cheap hypervenom with sock explained Margaret Keatings, chief nursing executive at the hospital.

The new uniform line, unveiled yesterday at a fashion show to mark the start of Nursing Week, includes numerous mixandmatch options such as Tshirts and cargo pants.

While it’s optional, hospital brass hope to see most of the 1,400 nurses on staff sporting the new look. As an incentive, nurses have been given up to three new outfits for free.

“We’re not mandating it. What we’re doing is encouraging the look, Keatings said.

She explained that the last time there was a standard uniform at the hospital was back in the ’60s. Nurses began injecting their own choices into their wardrobe selections in the ’70s.

“Something happened in the ’80s and ’90s where gradually the uniforms became much more casual, Keatings said, noting that’s when scrubs of every colour and pattern cheap hypervenom with sock got introduced.

Oftentimes, you couldn’t distinguish between what nurses wore at home and at work, she said, noting some even wore jeans and street clothes.

And it was difficult to distinguish nurses from other hospitals workers, Keatings noted. “You couldn’t tell the difference between nurses and maybe a receptionist or a support worker. Everyone just looked the same,

Keatings took to the runway yesterday and modelled the new navy cargo skirt and white Tshirt.

The collection also includes polo shirts, tunics, terry cotton jackets, fleece jackets and microfleece vests.

Styles are available for both men and women in a selection cristiano ronaldo new superfly of colours. Some of the Tshirts have “kidfriendly” animal prints on them.

The hospital chose to work with Roots because it liked the clothes it had designed for cristiano ronaldo new superfly the Olympics. As well, Sick Kids had an established relationship with the clothier, which runs a store at the hospital.

Melinda McDonald, vicepresident of business development for Roots, said the company has never worked with a hospital before.

Nurses had a huge say in the design of the clothes because of their “very specific” needs, she said. For example, all clothes had to be made of natural cheap hypervenom with sock fabrics such as cotton, which wash well and don’t carry bacteria.

Collars and shirts are extra high to prevent stethoscopes from rubbing on necks. And there are plenty of pockets to carry the tools of their trade, including scissors and stethoscopes.

“They carry a lot, McDonald remarked.

Barb Bruinse, chair of the Registered Nurses’ Council at Sick Kids, said the uniforms will help nurses to stand out at the hospital.

“They give a little bit more of a professional identity to nurses across the organization, Bruinse said.

“It’s important for the public to be able to identify who the nurses are in the organization. We play such diverse roles. It nice to be able to wear pieces that say, Yeah I’m a nurse.'” cheap hypervenom with sock.

Cheapest Nike Mercurial Superfly V ACC FG Mens Soccer Cleats Grey Black Red Eye Surgery Improves Mood of Alzheimer’s Patients

Eye Surgery Improves Mood of Alzheimer’s Patients

Nike mercurial cleats for sale this means that a cookie will stay on your computer even when you exit or close your browser which may reduce your levels of privacy and security. You should never select this option if you’re using a publicly accessible computer, or if you’re sharing a computer with others. Even if you select this option there are some features of our site that still require you to log in for magista opus ii privacy reasons.

That’s the recommendation of researchers who found that people with mild Alzheimer’s disease who have cataracts may benefit from visioncorrecting surgery. The magista opus ii benefits include improved sight, better sleep, and less depressed mood.

Also, people with Alzheimer’s often had better communication and interaction with others after the surgery.

According to Brigitte Girard, MD, a professor of ophthalmology at Tenon Hospital in Paris, treatment improved the patients’ lives and also the lives of some caregivers.

Girard reported the researchers’ findings at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) at the end of October.

Despite fears to the contrary, Girard says, surgery did not worsen patients’ general condition or dementia.

William Thies, PhD, scientific director of the Alzheimer’s Association, reviewed the findings for WebMD. He says that general medical care, including vision problems, are often overlooked in people with Alzheimer’s.

“The assumption is made they won’t benefit, Thies says. The assumption, he adds, is wrong. One in three Americans, most of them older people, will have the surgery at some point in their life.

The surgery is performed to remove the natural lens of the eye, which sometimes becomes nike mercurial cleats for sale clouded over time. A permanent artificial lens is then implanted to replace the natural lens.

The study involved 38 people with mild Alzheimer’s disease who underwent cataract surgery. The average age was 86; nine were 90 or older. The majority (82%) were women.

Three months after surgery, all but one patient could see better. Three in four patients had improved or unchanged scores on tests of mood, memory, and their ability to wash, dress, and otherwise function independently. Sleep, in particular, improved, Girard says.

Six of the seven people with depression before surgery were less depressed afterward. The other person’s depression was about the nike mercurial cleats for sale same as before.

As rated by the patients and their caregivers, social lives improved or were unchanged in two out of every three people studied.

Girard says “unchanged” scores were considered a mark of success. “As one neurologist told me, she says, “if people with Alzheimer’s disease don’t get worse over three months, it’s a win,

The researchers did find that some people were more agitated after the surgery.

Benefits for Caregivers

The study also found that the surgery eased the burden for one in four caregivers. For another one in four, though, caring for their loved one was harder. The main reason cited was an increased level nike mercurial cleats for sale of agitation nike mercurial cleats for sale magista opus ii.

Luxury Nike Mercurial Superfly V DF FG Mens Soccer Cleats Black fashion books

fashion books

Superfly soccer shoes for kids i have come to believe Stella McCartney designs only items that flatter women. Its in the details jackets with tailored shoulders and sleeves that make arms appear slimmer and the waist narrower, tshirts and blouses that hit at the slimmest part of the leg and pants that make legs appear much longer than the reality. Case in point Fall harem pant. The harem pant is puffy at the waist, tapered at the calf and sports a band at the ankle. In other words, a recipe for ugliness. Not so in the case of Stella harem pant. Fashion forward, so cool and super flattering these pants have the appearance of fullness in the waist and thigh but drape in such a way it makes legs appear slimmer and longer and the waist smaller. The matte fabric is seasonless and does not wrinkle. These pants looks amazing with a tshirt, blazer and killer heels as well nike ronaldo shoes as flat gladiators and a camisole. Looking ahead, I think this peice is great for holiday parties with a stilleto sandal and beaded top. At $595 I think Stella harem pant is wardrobe transforming and a smart superfly soccer shoes for kids investment for fall. Although the advertisements have been a fixture of fashion magazines for nearly ten years, they remain fresh because of a growing nike ronaldo shoes list of interesting subjects doing wacky things or nothing at all. This

19982009″ (Steidl). Over the years the campaign has featured Michael Stipe, Sofia Coppola, Winona Ryder, Rufus Wainwright, Victoria Beckham and many more. These ads are baffling to even the most bizarre among us and that is why I love them. See more pictures from the campaign at Hint Magazine

I had the good fortune superfly soccer shoes for kids of living in Paris for four months years ago when the dollar was very, very strong. I read about the Diptyque boutique on the end of Boulevard StGermain long before I superfly soccer shoes for kids walked that street and made it a point to visit it within days of my arrival. What I found was a store and an oasis. Ask to smell the candles and they will be tapped onto a velvet cushion allowing you to breathe in the fragrance from the scent that lingers in the glass jar. Once you make your selection it is carefully wrapped in white paper and a black satin ribbon. So civilied! I returned from Paris with two dozen candles wrapped carefully with sweaters in my suitcase.

At twenty dollars a pop they were a bargain. Today Diptique can be found at Le Bon March in Paris and many other department stores nationwide. In 2008, they retail for fifty dollars. These days (and at these prices) I keep only one candle in my home Pomander a blend of orange peels, clove and cinnamon. The scent permeates my home and it is beautiful. The Diptique story begain in the sixties when two artistic friends opened a furnishings and fabric store that featured among others, a little known designer called Laura Ashley. It evolved into a fragrance boutique and an institution that is documented in the new book Diptyque. This beautifully illustrated book traces back the history of Diptyque and its founders, giving an elaborate reconstruction of one of the most remarkable cult brands in perfumery superfly soccer shoes for kids nike ronaldo shoes.

Nike Mercurial Victory VI CR7 IC Mens Soccer Shoes White Silver Black Shop Online fashion on Riviera

fashion on Riviera

Soccer cleats nike cheap nike mercurial victory 6 indoor don’t Miss:Bauer: Some fave dishesMulticultural children’s books’Classic lesbian love story’ at PixarPhotos: 1970s Pride paradesTamale Lady’s campaignCannes wouldn’t be Cannes without its film festival. Monaco, its Grand Prix. And St.Tropez, its long history of celebrity connections from to Beyonc.

But travel two hours south of these famed French nike mercurial victory 6 indoor Riviera locales and you’ll find the lesserknown Hyres (pronounced eehyair), a sleepy seaside town that once a year transforms into a fashion hot spot during the Hyres International Festival of Fashion and Photography. Known among industry insiders as a pivotal event for discovering some of the most innovative new fashion designers from around the world, the festival culminates in a juried nike mercurial victory 6 indoor soccer cleats nike cheap competition between 10 designers, narrowed down from roughly 300 applicants, for a prize of 15,000 euros, or about $18,000 at the current exchange rate.

Belgian designer presided over soccer cleats nike cheap this year’s jury, which included American Vogue’s Sally Singer, Hermes’ artistic codirector and New York designer.

“It’s a unique, independent international platform for launching the key young creative designers of tomorrow, says, a Paris native and president of the San Francisco nonprofit foundation Arts of Fashion who has attended the festival for the past 10 years. “Hyres gives powerful exposure to these selected talents,

Viktor Rolf, Swedish knitwear designer and Paris womenswear designer are all past winners of the Hyres prize.

The events, which include photography exhibits, lectures and film screenings, take place each year at the, which affords breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. The designers present their highly conceptual work on the final day before a select crowd of buyers, representatives of the and journalists, who this year were gathered for the fashion show finale inside a quaint brick portico converted into a runway.

Belgian designer took home the L’Oreal Professional Grand Prize for her sculptural collection inspired by the photos of German artist.

“He recreates everyday scenes from life, like kitchens and offices, out of paper and then photographs them, so you’re not sure if it’s really real, says Verschueren, 22, who graduated from the in Belgium, renowned for launching the careers of the Antwerp Six.

Doucet, whose foundation hosts its own annual international competition that rewards student designers nike mercurial victory 6 indoor with apprenticeships at fashion houses in San Francisco and Europe, aims to infuse American fashion with that cuttingedge spirit of Hyres.

“I believe in San Francisco, says Doucet, a former fashion design professor and fashion designer. “This is why I set the Arts of here, even if I am well aware that the fashion scene is only burgeoning,

Fashion master class San Francisco’s Arts of Fashion Foundation will host an international cadre of Hyres alumni Alexandra Verschueren, Anthony Vaccarello, and to teach a series of master classes at the foundation’s ninth annual educational symposium, to be held this year at the in December nike mercurial victory 6 indoor.

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Free Shipping China Fashion Wholesale Bluelans Website Revision

Nike mercurialx proximo ii ic the end of an era is the dawn of a new era. Now the new bluelans finally established. Compared to the old one, the biggest difference is the change of its flagship productsfocusing on the promotion of nike mercurialx proximo ii ic the China fashion products instead of the electronic products. In order to better meet the needs of all the customers, the website structure also make certain adjustments. The new version has finally met with everybody. Now, China fashion wholesale would sincerely and frankly introduce our website.

Bluelans is one of the biggest online commercial corporations in Asia, committing itself to build a worldwide wholesale shop online. Our company was originally set up in Shenzhen, China in 2007, aiming to operate the businesstocustomer transactions with overseas consumers. Compared to the old one, this new site not nike mercurialx proximo ii ic only simplifies the page, but also reorganizes the products classification. As you can see clearly on the left side of the page, there are divided into eleven categories. And many of the names two level directory of the past have changed into one directory, such as China womens clothing, wedding and formal, Fashion handbags,etc. And there also added a new category, fashion shoes. This category is a new sort of China fashion wholesale. Though only adopted one pair of sandals, it may become more diversity in the future. And the old flagship products Electronics are integrated into Phone and tiempo nike new Tablet section. And the primary partitions tiempo nike new are Wedding and Formal, Womens Clothing, Mens Clothing, Jewelry and Watch, Fashion Shoes, Fashion Bags, Fashion Accessories, Health and Beauty, Phone and Tablet, Gadget and Accessories and Gifts and Party Supplies.

As a common sense, each primary partition at least contains a second grade partition. Now I mainly introduce two primary partitions: Womens Clothing and Jewelry and Watch Wholesale. From Womens Clothing, you can buy warm coat and jacket for Winter, sweater and shirts for Spring and Fall, and dresses, vest and skirts for the summer. And corsets, intimates and sleep, hosiery and socks and swimwear are also available. All the trendy women clothing come with high quality without the high price tag. And from the fashion jewelry and watch, you can buy these fashion things, like tiempo nike new pendant, earring, bracelet, shell jewellery, necklaces pendants, etc. They are all at nike mercurialx proximo ii ic cheap price and wearable quality. These fashion Jewelries will make you more attractive. Bluelans is one of the biggest online commercial corporations in Asia, committing itself to build a worldwide wholesale shop online. Our company was originally set up in Shenzhen, China in 2007, aiming to operate the businesstocustomer transactions with overseas consumers. Along with the rapid development of electronic business in China, Bluelans has earned itself a solid reputation for quality, reliability and professionalism in this field. Our operation capabilities cover favorable policy, instant and safe delivery, privacy protection and wellrounded customer support nike mercurialx proximo ii ic tiempo nike new.

Classic Nike Magista Obra II FG Mens Soccer Cleats Green Black Volt How To Choose Socks

How To Choose Socks

Best nike soccer shoes it may sound funny, but the fact is, not everybody knows how to choose the right kind of socks. If everyone knew, then we could stay away from blisters, burns, swelling, and magista 2017 even sweating. Indeed, here are some guidelines in choosing the perfect pair of socks.

Think of your activities. You don’t have to purchase every kind of socks on the planet, unless you want to have your own sock museum. Basically, best nike soccer shoes you only want to buy a pair that is suited with your lifestyle. For instance, if you are athletic, you may need padded socks for added protection.

Consider the weather. If it’s too hot, your feet need socks that will keep your base cool and prevent wounds. If it’s too cold, your feet need insulated or padded socks to keep them warm. If you love watching live games, especially on a Super Bowl Sunday, you can protect your feet from the cold by using heated socks that have lowamperage batteries that provide fast but shockproof heat.

Make sure the pair fits perfectly. It shouldn’t be too thin or loose (they keep sliding down), or get “eaten up” by your shoe. It shouldn’t be too thick either. If you’re tall, make sure the length of the socks magista 2017 best nike soccer shoes from toe to heel is just right for you. If it’s too long, it’s going to be uncomfortable in the toe area. If it were too short, you’d feel awkward and uneasy, as well. In the end, the length of your socks should be precise. For example, if you are wearing mid or highcut boots, wear quarter and crew socks to protect your legs from abrasion from your boot tops.

Check the quality of socks. Check them inside out. There should be no holes when you buy them. There are plenty of good brands in the stores, and you can tell that your socks are high quality by the feel of the fabric.

Choose the comfy kind. You don’t want to spend money for a pair of socks that are rough as sandpaper. If you’re an active person, cotton socks are not recommended for you. Cotton is great in absorbing sweat, but it quickly gets saturated and dries slowly, too. So you’ll end best nike soccer shoes up getting blisters. For cold or warm weather, merino wool absorbs quickly and wicks moisture, cushions your magista 2017 feet and does not irritate or itch like usual wool. But it dries slower than synthetic materials such as nylon, spandex, and other new materials commercially available. Synthetic materials are designed to absorb and quickly wick moisture, cushion the feet and dry fast. They are very durable, but are less comfortable when used during hot weather. The insulation is also reduced when it’s wet.

Select colors that match your attire. Don’t be arrested by the fashion squad! Dark colored socks go with black or navy blue pants. Grey, or any shades close to that color, goes very well with grey slacks. Brown shades go with any brown shaded pair of pants. Any color of socks would look good on jeans, and maybe, workout clothes.

Choosing the right pair of socks is very simple. Just apply what you’ve learned, research some more, and hop and shop to different stores to source out the best ones for you best nike soccer shoes.

Cheapest Nike Mercurial Superfly V ACC FG Mens Soccer Cleats Grey Black Red Fur goes smaller and still sells

Fur goes smaller and still sells

Indoor mens soccer shoes but this season, indoor mens soccer shoes the style quotient of the luxe material has grown. Like its faux counterpart, real fur clothing and accessories abound, despite fur’s recent controversial history.

“Fur is so popular, says Gregory Albert, owner of Douglas Furs superflys for cheap and Montaldo’s in Charlotte. “There’s all kinds of fur trim. They have Ugg boots with fur trim now,

Lightweight sheared mink jackets have brought new customers into indoor mens soccer shoes his store, indoor mens soccer shoes he says. He also sees growth in accessories. “Headbands, ear muffs and collars,

Raleigh furrier Louis Serotta says it’s too early in the season to tell how sales are going. Still, in his North Hills store, he has stocked and has sold a range of fur vests. There’s a pomegranatecolored lamb vest; the rest are mostly mink and beaver. He has a knitted mink bag, too.

Depending on the type and quality of fur, the sportier, lighter and more casual accessories can go for as low at $25 to as high as $4,000. They’ve lured a younger customer, too. fur sales.

That uptick doesn’t make antifur activists happy. But they say they’ve had significant success in their efforts to end fur as fashion.

“Our impact has been so great. You no longer see that kind of Big Foot fur coat, says Dan Mathews of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

That fashion fur now more often shows up as accents or trims on clothing shows PETA’s decadeslong effort has had an effect, he says. “Alist celebrities used to be in fur ads, but now celebrities line up for PETA ads Eva Mendes, Taraji P. Henson, Pamela Anderson,

Still, celebrity points have been scored on the other side. Janet Jackson is in the second year of her stint as the face of Blackglama “What Becomes a Legend Most” ads. Rapper Kanye West often wears furs; hiphop soul queen Mary J. Blige recently did an Elle magazine photo shoot in a series of exotic furs. In her book, “New York Fashion superflys for cheap Week” (Running Press), she tracks the history of the tent shows, including PETA’s campaigns to end fur use. “The industry has no problem using fur, she says. “I don’t wear it, but for some there’s the luxury factor. It’s so luxurious. It’s beautiful. There’s nothing that looks like fur,

Wanting the best

She has some students who absolutely wouldn’t use fur, others who she thinks appreciate it for its innate qualities and would use it, and those who find fake fur fun and would avoid the real thing so as not to offend. When it comes to issues in fashion, her students are more interested in sustainability whether dyes are polluting the water, transportation of products and overall carbon footprint of the fashion industry.

Mathews says PETA recognizes the shifting landscape and has changed tactics from its redpaintthrowing days. During New York Fashion Week, for instance, it threw a party at vegan Stella McCartney’s store featuring a video narrated by style guru Tim Gunn. The superflys for cheap group is also planning a nationwide furfree Friday on Nov. 25.

Carroll agrees. “Fashion is not just a fussy, finicky, nonweighty subject. It does make people think, indoor mens soccer shoes.

Classic Nike Magista Obra II FG Mens Soccer Cleats Green Black Volt flashy or just plain comfy

flashy or just plain comfy

Magista online at work it dress pants, suits, dresses and trying to look professional, especially if I have to spend time downtown.

At home I more casual but I do try to dress as stylishly as possible. magista online I would call it casual chic. In California I think people dress more casually anyway than, say New York or in the bigger cities back east.

For example, today at work I wore dress pants with a silk blouse and a blazer with some very cute shoes with a low heel and very pointed toes. I had a meeting with my boss at the district level today. As soon as I was home, off come and pants and silk shirt and I put on some jeans and a cashmere sweater with flats. I did leave on the diamond earrings though for fun and because they sparkle.

I always like to wear a dress to dinner if we going to a nice restaurant. I think that a little oldfashioned of me. I come from a time when we wore dresses every day to magista online school and I still love dresses.

I used to be high maintenance, nice hairdo, makeup. I always wore dresses and stylish clothing and all the accessories. Then I did an aboutface. I really examined my priorities and what I wanted out of life. I decided I would much rather spend an hour writing, or painting, or talking with a friend or family member, than doing my hair and putting size 14 mens soccer cleats on makeup. I decided feeling comfortable is more important than conforming to society expectations of me.

I want my magista online time. MY time. I don want my time sucked into trying to look like a fashion model or something. Thats just not important to me.

I not an entire slob or anything, but I am casual. And yes, when I at home I perpetually wear pajamas and slippers. When I’m out, I might wear a loose skirt or loose flowing pants, and a pullover shirt. I always wear flat shoes because of my arthritis. I keep my hair cut very short so I don have to mess with it. size 14 mens soccer cleats I never wear makeup. I wear my glasses if I don’t forget to put them on.

I not against ornamentation or anything. I have tattoos. Sometimes I wear jewelry, sometimes I go totally minimalist with the ornaments. I have three pieces of jewelry that are perpetual, all of them amulets that are very very old and very very meaningful to me.

I do like to smell good, but thats for ME. I love scents, I find bubble baths and hot showers rejuvenating. Being surrounded by a nice aroma can really heighten my mood, so I do wear fragrance, usually in the form of oils.

I clean, I hygienic, and I dress neatly, but I definitely comfy. Comfy in the extreme.

I work with kids with autism, so my dress is based on functionality and safety (no earrings or jewelry to be choked with for me!) When I’m going out, I go for classy with an edge. Something daring or interesting that still looks highclass (yes, it’s a hard line to tread, I know!) But at this point in my life I’m not doing much going out, so I go for the classic jeans and teeshirts if I’m running errands and sweats when I’m around the house: comfy, quick, and I can get them messy without being concerned 😉 magista online.